Four basic Fishtail Styles

When I was a little girl I thought the fishtail braid was the prettiest hairstyle in the entire world.  My mom didn’t know how to fishtail braid and I remember being so jealous of my friends who wore them.  Well guess what, now you don’t need a mom to fishtail braid your hair — you can do it yourself!  A basic fishtail tutorial was necessary but I thought it seemed a little blah.  So instead of one tutorial, I’m sharing four basic fishtail styles.  Cause four is better than one right…?!  I want you to practice your fishtail braid this week, tag me on instagram @twistmepretty, and then next week we’ll be diving into a two part fishtail series, I hope you love it!

A Side Fishtail Braid

side fishtail braid

A Fluffy Fishtail Braid

how to fishtail braid

The Perfect Fishtail Bun

diy fishtail bun

diy fishtail bun

diy fishtail bun

A French Fishtail Braid

diy french fishtail braid

Because there are four different styles, I’m not going to take the time to write out the instructions.  Mostly because it’s dinner time and my kids are hungry — forgive me?!  Check out the video though cause… it’s awesome.  And don’t forget to watch to the end because there’s a super hilarious video we took after the Utah Style Icon Awards.  One word — DORK!

Annnd, one last item of business ha!  I know you’ve already voted your little hearts out for me these past couple of weeks for the Utah Style Icon Award so no pressure with this one, but I had to let you know — I’m a part of the Better Homes and Garden’s Ultimate Summer Bash.  If you want to vote for this hairstyle click here.  You can actually vote once per hour and the person with the most votes per contestant (four winners) will win $200!  Mmkk, that’s a wrap!  Love you girls!


Abby Smith

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18 thoughts on “Four basic Fishtail Styles

  1. Thanks for posting these fishtail tutorials! I wore my hair in a fishtail to work today and I got several compliments, including from a random stranger who stopped me in the elevator to ask me how I’d done it. One questions-does anyone know how to keep the fishtail from looking totally ratty as the day goes on? I had lots of little hairs sticking out of it by lunch!

    1. Yeah that’s one thing about the fishtail, unless you have super long hair with zero layers it tends to fall out. I like to embrace the messy look and just make it look like it was intentional!

  2. The french fishtail is so pretty! I have a hard time doing any sort of fishtail on my hair because it’s super curly. But my sister has (sadly, boringly) straight hair and I CANNOT wait to try it on her!

  3. Fishtail braids are my favorite! They are so easy and so quick! Well except for your French braid/fish tail.. that is tricky! You look sooooo beautiful Abby!

  4. I LOVE the bun. So classy! I love the fishtail braid but haven’t ever even tried!!! I was excited that I semi-succeeded in the french braid on myself!