How to French Braid into a Top Knot

Twist Me Pretty's french braided top knot - a how-to guide

This is the most beautiful, most adored and worn hairstyle that I’ve ever loved in my life: the french braided top knot.  Did that sentence even make sense?!  You get what I’m saying — God bless the top knot. There’s the sweetest article my friend Danielle, from Today’s The Best Day, wrote “10 reasons you should love your wife’s mom bun”.  Go read it right now because it’ll give you all the feels!!!

I love top knots because they are FAST and give me more time in the mornings with my family.  Not only that, but you can style them with greasy, unwashed hair.  You know those mornings where you wake up and must have had a fight with your sheets? Your hair is all frizzy and stuck to your face?  No?  Just me?  Or when it’s super hot at night and you wake up and your hair is half wet, half pretty curls from the day before?  And your only choice is to shower… wrong! Use dry shampoo and stick it up in a top knot.  Like I said earlier, bless the top knot.  Today I’m sharing how to twist your hair into a french braided top knot — give it a little something extra when you have a couple more minutes!

French braided top knot - stylish and easy! A how-to guide.

To see this fall-inspired make up tutorial, click here.French braided top knot - elegant and easy. A how-to guide.

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The french braided top knot tutorial guide from Twist Me Pretty The super easy, super stylish french braided top knot by Twist Me Pretty.

It’s a super slow, kinda chatty tutorial, ’cause I wanna make sure you get it. Basically, it’s a tutorial of how to french braid into a top knot.  Sounds pretty self-explanatory but I remember struggling with this braid years ago.  It’s upside and gets me allll confused!  So turn the video on and braid with me — you are GOING to learn how to braid upside down dangit! IF IT’S THE LAST THING I DO!!!!!!!

I love you guys, thanks for following along on my trip to Utah!!  I searched and searched, pretty much went through a thousand homes and still haven’t found the perfect place.  I’m not quite sure what we are going to do because we leave Ohio on the 15th but we will sure figure something out… Hopefully ha!

Abby Smith

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2 thoughts on “How to French Braid into a Top Knot

  1. OH MY GOODNESS. I have been trying to get this for AGES, but I never understood it until I watched your video! You’re a TOTAL lifesaver.

    Also wow, your eye makeup is gorgeous.

  2. The reverse braid is one of my favorites! And a very good encouragement to keep trying until we get the hairstyle. Thank you for sharing Abby!