Our Morning Routine

A little girl smiles and dances with a hair brush, looking at her little brother. Twist Me Pretty - Our Morning Routine.In a light room, a mother smiles as she brushes her daughter's hair while her son watches. A little boy with bright blue eyes and a cowlick hair style smiles and holds a purple hair brush. Twist Me Pretty - Our Morning Routine.I’m not gonna pretend my mornings look like this. Like, ever.  I’m usually still in my pajamas, rockin’ the disheveled top knot, babies are in their footed-jammies, and the beds are unmade.  If there are any moms out there who have figured out the secret to being put together in the mornings, let me know!  I’m pretty sure with four little ones — tantrums about not wanting to wear warm clothes to school, or pancakes instead of eggs, or forgotten homework assignments before the bus comes — it’s pretty much impossible. Our morning routine is chaos.  But it’s a happy chaos!

Right after the oldest is on the bus, the babies have finished throwing their breakfast on the floor and the kitchen looks, well – like people live here, but pretty clean! It’s kind of magical.  Typically, I put on a little bit of makeup, fix the top knot so it’s semi-presentable and put on my gym clothes while Savy and the babies play in the toy room.  Then it’s her turn.  I kind of love our mornings together.

Mothering with intention is hard.  It’s easy to get swept away in the list of things that need to get done! I’ve found, though, that there are moments that can be captured.  They’re usually in the middle of the day-to-day chores, during car-rides or meal-time.  You’ve gotta pay attention for them, look for them.  For Savy, I’ve noticed an opportunity when I do her hair.  We read little stories or have conversations with her dolls.  She tells me about school, about her new friends, what she’s excited about for the day.  And if you have kids bop playing, a little dance party is sure to ensue.  

It took ten intentional minutes and we’ve totally bonded, had a great mother/daughter experience all while checking things off our long list of to-do’s.

A mother and daughter grin as they dance together. Twist Me Pretty - Our Morning Routine.

Split-frame photograph; the left of a woman singing and dancing barefoot. On the right, her daughter is dancing with her. Twist Me Pretty - Our Morning Routine. In a bedroom, a mother smiles at her son as he sits on her hip, while her daughter dances with a hairbrush. Twist Me Pretty - Our Morning Routine. Special moments. A daughter sits on her mother's lap and kisses her on her cheek. Twist Me Pretty - Our Morning Routine.

^^  I had to bribe her for that kiss.  No joke ha ha!

This cute braided ponytail is one of our favorite little hairstyles.  It keeps her toddler fly-a-ways at bay, her bangs out of her eyes, and looks pretty good even after preschool.  Here’s a little pictorial of the steps, and a few of our favorite Goody products that can be picked up at any drug store!

Cute braided ponytail hairstyle for a little girl. Twist Me Pretty - Our Morning Routine. Twist Me Pretty - Our Morning Routine A little girl faces a doll and holds Goody brand hair ties.

^^  This little Ouchless Girls Brush from Goody is the best!  Savy’s obsessed because, well, duh it’s purple.  And I love it because of the flexible bristles and cushion pad, which make brushing through those snarls a breeze.  Usually, I prefer styling her hair when it’s a little damp, but this thing glides through even the toughest of tangles on wet or dry hair.

Twist Me Pretty - Our Morning Routine. Braided Pony Tail - Toddler edition tutorial1. Start by wetting down the hair, and brushing it through.  Next, begin the Dutch french braid on the thicker side of her part.  Remember, the outer strands go under the center!  You can checkout this video here for a quick refresher.  Keep the strands tight to control those whispies! 
2. Grab a clean part on the other side with a brush or comb.
3. Clip off the first braid and ponytail section to get it out of your way.
4. Dutch french braid the thinner side of her part, release the clip, and brush through.
5. Pull the braids into the center and tie off with an Ouchless Elastic.
6. Spray any frizzies and bobby pin them into the braid.

And you’re done!! You can add a little bow or leave it as is.  Do you have any favorite go-to toddler hairstyles? Any tricks on keeping your little one still?  Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks Goody for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Abby Smith

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