Good Day, Good Night + GIVEAWAY!

My little crew and I are celebrating a new book release from the creator of Goodnight Moon, thanks to our sponsor HarperCollins!

Bed time.  If you have little ones that word evokes so many emotions!!  Joy, because you’ve made it through an exhausting day and will finally have a chance to relax!  A little bit of stress because you’ve still gotta make it through the dinner and bathtub hustle, plus you know your babes are gonna do everything in their power to fight falling asleep.  Happiness, because seeing your kids play and love each other post-tub is just about the cutest thing.  And then when they curl their hand around your finger while reading them stories… well, you get my drift.  Bed time is a lot of things!

Our bed time routine is fairly simple and probably a lot like yours but tonight is extra special because we’re celebrating a new book release!!  And not just any book release…  Have you ever read Goodnight Moon from Margaret Wise Brown?  My mom used to read it to me as a little girl and I had this floppy eared bunny I’d fall asleep with every night.  I’ve since carried on the tradition with my own kids and we’ve read it every night before bed since they were babies!

^^ This is the new padded board book that was released this summer!

Good Day, Good Night is a previously unpublished picture book from the same beloved author, that’s just as sweet and deserves a spot on your bookshelf!  The iconic bunny wakes up to a beautiful day with wonderful things and exciting adventures and then he falls asleep to the moon.  The illustrations were done by Loren Long and they’re adorable! Just look at this cute book trailer!

So back to our bed time routine.  It starts after dinner where we all help clear the table and then head upstairs to for bath time.  Brian and I tag team bathing the kids and then we all meet in the master bedroom for story time and prayers.  Okay fine, this is usually where we finish putting on jammies too ha ha!!  And can I just say, I love having a seven year old?!  Lately Boston has been reading to Savy and the twins and it’s just about the cutest thing!

After the kids have settled down, we say prayers and then Brian takes the big kids into their rooms and I take the twins into their’s.  Brian reads to Boston and Savy until they fall asleep, and I snuggle with the babies for a minute before putting them into their cribs.  We have a whole thing where I have to give them each a kiss from both sides of the crib, then kiss their blankets, then sing them each a song while rubbing their backs.  And if I miss a step we have to start all over!!  They’re hilarious little creatures and even though they are exhausting and I’m so excited to finally close that door… I always miss them just a little bit!


So who here wants to win a copy of Goodnight Moon, the branded bunny rattle provided by KidsPreferred, the newly published Good Day, Good Night picture book, and a themed event kit?!  Anyone?!  Get a sneak peak at the event kit by downloading the activity booklet!

All you need to do is leave a comment below with a memory you have of Goodnight Moon, or one of your favorite things about your bedtime routine with your kids! Giveaway open to US addresses only.

Good Day, Good Night By Margaret Wise Brown, Illustrated by Loren Long | Goodnight Moon By Margaret Wise Brown, Illustrated by Clement Hurd | My star pjs top and bottoms | Savys heart pjs

Thank you HarperCollins for sponsoring this post!

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33 thoughts on “Good Day, Good Night + GIVEAWAY!

  1. I remember reading it when i was young, but have yet to read i to my little ones. We are working on a bedtimee routine, but don’t have one yet. Some night a bath or a few books

  2. My favorite part in our bedtime routine is massage time! Our little 3 month old gives us so many smiles and coos as he enjoys his little body massage before bath time! We finish off with a bed time story! Goodnight Moon was my husbands favorite and we got it for our little boy and love reading it to him!

  3. My daughter used to love reading Goodnight Moon as a child. We would act our the events on each page and did a little performance every night 🙂

  4. As an infant, I used to hold Goodnight Moon with my toes while holding a bottle with my hands, and stare at the pictures! Now, I have a 9-day-old little girl and I am just starting to figure out what a bedtime routine will look like for us but it will definitely involve story time.

  5. Goodnight Moon is one of two books I continuously read to all my kids multiple times all day when infants and beyond.

  6. My little girl is 6 months old and we’re finally getting into a bedtime routine, she is starting to love reading books together. Goodnight Moon is one of our favorites, it’s so cute and it’s just the right length!

  7. My favorite part of our bedtime routine is when my daughter sits in my lap to drink her bottle. She refuses to take her bottle any other way, and it’s a great way to get some final snuggles in!

  8. I read this book to a boy I babysat, Dylan, when I was 16 years old. Every time we came to “Goodnight, mouse,” he’d put his finger on it and we’d make high pitched squeaky sounds. Fast forward fifteen years and when my girls read it, they make the squeaky sounds, too. It’s the unwritten apart of the book!

  9. I loved this book as a kid!! Now I read it to my 3 year old and he loves it. He loves saying goodnight to everything in his room afterwards. ?

  10. So sweet. My now 7 year old loved goodnight moon. I memorized it because I read it so many time and our cover fell off the small board book (so of course I got a new one). Also before he could talk he always started laughing a belly gut laugh on the page where the kittens are playing with yarn. Took me a few nights to figure it out but it was SO CUTE ?

  11. Goodnight Moon is one of our favorites! As soon as I found out I was pregnant with our first baby ( she turned 10 yesterday ?) I bought it.

  12. I actually didn’t grow up with “Goodnight Moon,” but I got the book after my first baby and we read it often! I love how it’s just the right length, not too short, not too long, and it’s incredibly relaxing saying goodnight to everything. It’s a great way to shut out the world and induce a good night’s sleep.

  13. Bedtime involves mommy reading stories, daddy comes in and tickles, and then we all pray together. My boys pick two books to read every night and I love that at 2 and 3 they follow the stories and read along with me. It melts my heart!

  14. We have the Goodnight Moon ABC book (but not the original) and my kids LOVE it. My 2 older sons have speech delays, and it’s really helped them to practice their speech by labeling items in the book. We sing to them and read them books every night and they can never get enough!! Always so precious when they fall asleep being happy and uplifted!

  15. Good Night Moon is one of my mom’s favorite children’s books. She used to read it to my siblings and I when we couldn’t sleep and curled up on her bed:)

  16. I had never heard of Goodnight Moon until I was pregnant with my first. We bought it, not realizing what a huge deal it was. My husband read it to my belly every single night. Our baby, Chloe, would start wiggling and kicking every time he would read it. When she was born, he started reading it to her and her little eyes lit up and started looking around trying to find the voice that she knew so well. My heart nearly burst.

  17. My 5 year old son just started kindergarten and reading is a MUST. I’m always looking for good books and I love to surprise him before bedtime with a new, cool book! Would love to win this book so I can surprise him with it! We have never read it so I think it would be a pretty cool surprise for both of us! Lol ☺️??????

  18. We have 2 boys who are 8 and almost 4 and I am often the only parent home as my husband often travels for work for months on end. Because we homeschool and the boys have to split me all the time I read to each boy on their own in their place of choice. Our youngest chooses to be read to in bed and lately he’s chosen to read stories of monster and Dragon fabels from all over the world. We read one fabel a night. With our oldest he wants to be read to on the couch after everyone else is in bed. I read to him a chapter or 2 from a book just above his reading level so he gets excited to read more and get to those levels. He has currently chosen pirates of the Caribbean series by Disney and we are half way thru book 2. He often starts dozing off before we finish a chapter. He has also turned our traditional saying “don’t let the bed bugs bite” into a game and he tried to say it before we do.

    1. @fallynpeters:disqus you’ve won the giveaway!!! Sorry it took me so long to choose, life got crazy! Can you email me at twistmepretty @ gmail with your address? Thanks love!!

  19. My favorite part of our bedtime routine is snuggling in bed with my little guy and reading and cuddling before bedtime LOVE it!!! ?

  20. Bedtime always requires story time in our house. It’s a great way to get the kids calm and quiet for bed. I let each of my children pick one book and almost every night one of them grabs Goodnight Moon.

  21. My husband and I just had our first baby, and at my baby shower my dad got us Good Night Moon (a childhood favorite of ours!) and Good Night Arizona (a fun twist to make new memories with our daughter!). Love book related memories!!

  22. My fav part of the bedtime routine is watching my kids beg their dad for a piggy back ride to each of their rooms.

  23. My son loves books! He’s only 16 months, but when he gets really quiet most of the time it means he’s looking at his books. We added Goodnight Moon to our collection of bedtime stories and it doesn’t disappoint! He loves the pictures and we love the bonding! He’s constantly on the move so bedtime is nice when he sits on our lap and cuddles and listens to a bedtime story. ?

  24. My oldest baby is getting ready to turn 31, youngest 27. My youngest was obsessed with Goodnight Moon and I can still see those pudgy little fingers pointing out all the things we were saying goodnight to. Time goes so very fast. Cherish those babies and keep reading to them!

  25. My parents got a copy of Goodnight moon, its like a recordable version, so they recorded themselves reading the book for my little one, SO COOL! (batteries are dead now, wonder if it needs new recordings ?)

  26. Due to a long and hard postpartum recovery, my husband took over bedtime with our daughter. She’s now 7 months and it’s a sweet routine they still keep up. As much as I’d love to cuddle my daughter to sleep, I’m glad they have their routine. The only thing I get to do is “brush” my daughter’s 2.5 teeth with my little fingertip toothbrush. I look forward to it all day.

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