Holiday Hairstyles using the Goody Spin Pin!

Spin Pins can help you achieve this gorgeous hairstyle! Find out how at Twist Me Pretty.

Easy, elegant hairstyles with a spin pin. Abby shares her style.Are these hairstyles not gorgeous?!  I’m so happy with how they turned out!  I decided to try out Goody’s Spin Pins this morning and OH MY GOODNESS.  Where have I been?!  My life is officially changed.  Have you ever heard of Spin Pins?  Ever used them?  I’ve seen them around, I think I even bought a package years ago for something, but never ended up using them.  I’ve totally been missing out because they are amazing!!!

All there is to it! Abby shows off her spin pins, the tool that helps her achieve beautiful hairstyles.

For these hairstyles, you’re going to start with texturized hair.  I’d recommend curling it and/or spraying some texture spray all over to roughen up the strands.  Giving the hair great texture to start is crucial to how the hair behaves when styling it!

Twisted Half-up: 

1. I’m brushing through my tangled curls with the Clean Radiance Paddle Brush from Goody.
2. Next, gather two sections of hair from the front. 
3. Take one of the sections and twirl it away from your face.  If you’d like, pull out a curl to frame your face.
4. Drape that twist across the back of your crown.
5. Take the second section, and twist it back.
6. Drape it over the first section.  It should look like a flat little X!
7. Take your spin pin.
8. Twist the spin pin into where the twists meet.

Go ahead and spray the style with hairspray, and you’re done!

Twisted half-up style made easy with a Goody Spin Pin, and Abby's 8 easy steps.

The Twisted half-up style is perfect for every occasion.

A twisted half-up style is easy - learn how to do it at Twist Me Pretty.

Twisted Up-do:

If you’d rather style an up-do, all you need to do is take the bottom section of curls, twist  it towards your face, and then roll it up into a bun.  Take your spin pin and pin the bun in place.  You’ll be SHOCKED that one little spin pin can hold this entire bun, and it’s completely secure.  There’s no secret way to putting it in either: you place it where you’d normally place a bobby pin and then just twist it into the bun.  2 pins do the work of 20 bobby pins!

Use a spin pin to create a Twisted Up-do. It's easy! Learn how at Twist Me Pretty.

I hope you guys enjoyed these easy holiday hairstyles!  If you’ve never tried a spin pin, I dare you to buy a package next time you’re at Target.  Do it for me.  I was so surprised at how easy they were to use!

This post was made in collaboration with Goody, but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

Abby Smith

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4 thoughts on “Holiday Hairstyles using the Goody Spin Pin!

  1. I have been so encouraged by the suggestions; videos and how-to pix from this delightful little lady. I am 58, have long-ish hair for all my life, and so longing to be able to do more than put it up in a ponytail, weave out the grey and layer it for fullness. Still looking dull, I found your website and was encouraged to use what I have. WOW!. You go girl!!!! Thank you so much for caring, and inspiration, given to all in the name of womanhood, beauty and compassion, not financial gain. Blessings to you and your delightful family. Keep up the great

  2. I’m just going to add a comment. Sometimes as a reader, I take sponsored posts with a grain of salt. I know that the author is being paid to write them, so I wonder how genuine they are being when they say the love it, blah blah, whatever. But spin pins are LEGIT. She’s not kidding when she says 2 spin pins can replace 20 bobby pins. I’m 100% serious. They are SO secure it’s not even funny. And this is coming from someone who heard about them, but put off buying them because I didn’t want to spend the money on them (they really aren’t that pricey, I’m just that cheap) and then I lucked on them in the $1 store one day so I decided to grab some. They’re AMAZING. Go get some. You need them.

    Okay, I’m done.