How to Dutch Braid

June 29, 2017

Welcome welcome!!!  First off, let me just say I am SO happy you’re here because today I’m gonna teach you how to dutch braid.  I’ve seriously made it my personal mission because you cannot wander around in this world without knowing how to style this fabulous braid!  If you can’t tell, it’s one of my favorites!  In all honesty though, I’m always so surprised with how many comments I get of women telling me they just can’t do it.  So today my friends, we are diving deep.  I’m going slow and explaining it all.  Please, if you love me at all — WATCH THE VIDEO!!!  And I’ll explain more when you press play, but there are two things I want you to remember: 1 – don’t watch me as you’re practicing and 2 – don’t look at yourself in the mirror.  I feel like mirrors and screens flip things and just confuse everyone.  I want you to become familiar enough with the steps that you can say them out loud as you’re braiding.  You can listen to me as I do it, or you can keep an eye on the pictorial at the bottom of this post while practicing!

Are you ready?!!  You up for the challenge?!  I know you can do it… my reputation depends on it ?

The way I like to teach the dutch braid is through this little accent braid.  It gives you just enough stitches to get the steps down + it’s near your face and just easier to style.

And then because this has been such a highly requested tutorial and it was an easy add-on, I decided to throw the dutch side braid into the last part of the video.  I’ve literally worn the dutch side braid every day this summer.  I love it because it takes 2 minutes to style, it looks amazing and if I sleep in it I wake up to the most beautiful waves in the morning!

And finally, the tutorial!!!

Also here is a little step-by-step tutorial that you can watch while practicing.  It’ll help you remember what comes next!!  And if you found this post helpful, I would love if you shared it to one of your beauty boards on Pinterest!  While you there, you can follow me here!

Thanks for watching guys!!!  Let me know in the comments if you’re successful at styling the dutch braid, or the dutch side braid.  I’m so excited to start hearing from you!!!