The Police? AGAIN?!


Oh summer.  How I love thee.  Have you guys had a great few weeks or what?  I feel like all I wanna do is play outside, eat watermelon, and watch the kids run around out back.  Ha, speaking of out back, I have a silly little story for you.  Boston and Savy were out back playing on our new swing set and when they go out there I try to keep the gate locked.  In the end, it doesn’t do much because they just escape through the garage.  Anyway, I thought the kids were outside playing when I get a knock on my door from a neighbor clear down the way I didn’t even know.  

These conversations always start off like this: “Do you have a daughter?” Then insert naughty thing here ____.  Yesterday it was, “Do you have a daughter? She was outside naked the other morning running around in the street, I just thought you should know.”  Today it was, “Do you have a daughter?  She was lost in the neighborhood and we notified the police.”  

Of course you did. 

I’m actually very thankful — VERY VERY thankful — for neighbors who watch out for things like this, because, I hate to say it, but I can’t be around all the time for the bigger kids while I’m inside watching the babies.  Especially when I think they’re safe and sound in our backyard.  So I’m very grateful they were aware of her and were trying to help her find home.  So we had a little talk, the same talk we have every day about not escaping, and then a few minutes later the police came by.  This would be the second time in a week the police have stopped by.  Hahaha!!!  Gees.  

They were really nice, gave the kids some stickers, and checked out the home, making sure I was a good, fit parent.  I hadn’t showered.  The house was a mess.  The babies woke up from their naps while they were here and started crying.  I’m sure I looked like a really good and fit parent haha!!

I don’t know how we’re going to survive Savy.  I don’t know if it’s a girl thing, but she consumes 95% of my patience and love.  Do you guys have any great parent/kid stories you wanna share?!

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Navy Skirt | Similar Cross Body Bag | Similar Lace Up Sandals here and here | White tee (favorite EVER! If you’re on the shorter size I’d recommend getting a petite cause it runs a little long) | Rings + Bracelets | Lipstick: Mac Lustering
Favorite totes that would’ve been sooo cute with this outfit.  I need to get myself one, apparently: Striped Straw Beach Tote, Red Straw Tote, Remy Straw Tote








Outfit details

So this white tee is one of my favorites.  I’ve been asked a bunch on Snapchat (twistmepretty2) if I have to wear a tee-shirt under it?  Yes, I do.  But I’ll share a little secret.  I have a few tees from layers clothing (cause they’re the best) and I just chop it right around the bra line.  That gives me a higher neckline minus the annoyance of layering.  I know there are half-tees you can just buy but the layers tee’s are so much thinner and I prefer their hems on the neck and sleeves. 

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Abby Smith

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14 thoughts on “The Police? AGAIN?!

  1. Oh girl. I feel ya on this whole post! I have four kids; ages 9, 7, 3, and 1. When our 1 year old was about 8 months, I took our 7 year old to a b-day party. The other three stayed home with my husband. I get a text about halfway through this b-day party. I had to read it 3 times before it registered – My precious, beautiful 8 months old crawler ate poop. POOP!!! And not just any poop. The poop of her 3 year old brother who was having some potty training issues at the time. Apparently, it all happened in the blink of an eye to my husbands utter horror. Of course, baby girl was fine, but still. POOP! My husband still gets horrified anytime this story comes up. The phrase “code brown” never had such a horrific meaning until that moment.

  2. Ha! I love this story. When my son was a toddler, he would escape through the front door and go to the fire station we live next door to. On one occasion while dressed only in a diaper, he took his stick horse and galloped around the fire trucks until one of the firefighters carried him home. “Uh, ma’am, is this your son?” After two escapes we installed a lock at the top of the door he couldn’t reach. Now that he’s 14, this is one of our favorite stories to tell him. I’m so glad to hear of similar circumstances from another mother.

  3. Once kiddo ran away in the busy main street I start running after him but forgot to press the pushchair’s break luckily someone catch the pushchair that was rolling away with kiddo #2 … heart attack #2587854 😉

    Looking gorgeous as usual Abby!!

  4. Hahaha I love this story! It will be a great one to tell her when she is older! Keep on keeping on, you are doing a great job!

  5. Reading your story reminded me of some crazy things my little one has done. While I was busy shopping with my other daughters, she made her way to the display window of a store in the mall and proceeded to take of her shirt and dance half-naked for all of the other customers to see. One of the employees confronted me with “Um.. ma’am is that your daughter?”. This was when she was about 4. At the age of 8 she decided to walk home after school by herself— we do not live very close to her school mind you. I got a call from work from one of the teachers who told me a police car had picked her up and taken her back to the school. I’m lucky people were looking out for her… but boy does she get into some trouble! I hope she’ll grow out of this because I don’t know how I’ll survive! She sure does give us lots of love and laughs though. It’s all worth it.

  6. Hey Abby!!

    Here’s a great story for you! Let me start by saying I had 5 kids in 6 years including twins. It was a crazy time & I can’t believe I made it, but I did and you will too. Ok – the story. I was heading to church with 3 of my kids. My oldest 2 and my baby (20 mths old). It was in the heat of the summer. Over 100 degrees outside. As I was driving I looked back and my youngest has fallen asleep in her car seat. Don’t know about you but there’s a switch the turns of in my head that when they’re asleep that means I can think of others things and they’re out of site out of mind kinda thing. So I started thinking of my Sunday school lesson and before I knew it we were at the church. I told the older ones let’s go and off we went into the first hour of church. Didn’t even have a funny feeling. Went all the way through that hour and then was standing in line at the library when my husband came up to me (he was running late and came later with our twins). It was his job to always take the twins to nursery and mine to take my baby to her nursery (there were separated nurses at this time). Anyways, he asked me where was McKenzie, the youngest. Apparently for some reason he decided to go check on her and she wasn’t there. Let’s just say my life (seriously) passed through me and went complete numb and sick. Everything was in slow motion. I’ve never ran so hard in my whole life. I’m surprised I didn’t break the glass door that I pushed open to go to the parking lot. When I got closer to the car I began to cry because I could hear her crying. I got her out and YES, right there laid on the parking lot pavement in my dress and all bawled. She was fine. (FYI – In our area where it’s super hot in the summer, children older then McKenzie and in the car for shorter periods of time have died) I still can’t believe I didn’t even have a funny feeling like I was missing something. If my husband hadn’t thought to go check on her this would’ve been a difference story! Luckily all was fine. Only mention the story because seriously as mothers we have so much to do and so much on our minds we just can’t do everything. By the grace of God we’re protected! In a happy note that story has been told a zillion times and it’s kinda become one of those funny mom stories now!! We all have them. I’ve had Several!!! You’re an awesome mom. You’re going to have so many fun stories when they’ve all grown up!!! :))))

  7. I just have to tell you how great it was to hear another mom say she isn’t sure how she’s going to survive her little girl. I have a 2 yr old and 2 month old and my almost 5 year old daughter is still the hardest. Has been a trip since the day she was born! You know… It takes a village!

  8. I love your blog! Just wondering if you could write a post about your weight loss journey after the babies! 🙂

  9. Girls!! I prayed hard for a daughter after having two boys. Flash forward and I have three more kids. Two of which are girls. My older daughter can test my patience more than any other of my kids, mostly because she’s a mini me. Thank goodness for a husband that can read both of us and get through to her when I can’t. You’d think I could because we reason similarly!! Good luck with your cutie! Ps… At least she’s not peeing outside. My boys were young they peed on the grass… In the front yard! 😉

  10. Oh, geez! I did that to my mom one time when I was younger. Our neighbors, that we didn’t know, called the police as well. Said neighbors spent 20 min telling the police that my mom should have child neglect charges pressed against her. Like, my mom has five kids, but she only has two eyes! Anyway, I’m happy that everything turned out well for you guys. Savy is adorable!

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