Valentine Nails by Kristie

My cute friend Kristie from Blushing Basics is taking over for today.  Be nice, I love her!
Valentine Nails:
 i am a bit of a nail art addict. i love creating new designs for my nails and am always keeping them freshly polished. having a holiday nearby typically means i try to come up with some holiday themed nail designs. here are a couple Valentine tutorials that i have tried: 
Valentine Ombre Nail
begin with three shades of red polish for your ombre effect:
starting at the base of your cuticle, paint 1/3 of nail. follow with the second polish color painting the next third of nail. finish with the third polish color painting the last 1/3 of nail. make sure to paint only one nail at a time. applying colors immediately after one another ensures an even blend of the polish as each shade will slightly “bleed” into the other. finish with your top coat for shine.
next is the Corset Nail. this is a great boudoir vibe for Valentine’s Day. begin with two shades of polish, a nail art polish, and a toothpick.
paint your main Corset color. follow with a stripe of color down the center of nailbed. add four dots down each side of your stripe using a toothpick. with your nail art polish, “lace up” corset by connecting the dots on either side. finish with a topcoat and enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Valentine Nails by Kristie

  1. I love the Valentine Ombre nails. I’m going to have to try that out with some shades of mine. First I have to find a good top coat that won’t make my polish crack and chip 2 days after applying 🙂
    Great post.

  2. Unless I’ve had acrylic tips put on, I never paint my nails. Typing seems to be the fastest way to ruin a home-nail job (or maybe scouring the oven with a brillo pad).

    Something about the fake nail just makes the paint stick better.