Valentines Day Hair Tutorial!

Hi babes!  I’m SUUUUPER excited for today’s Valentine’s Day Hairstyle!  I’m kind of giddy right now typing this post out!!  I’ve seen hairstyles like this floating around Pinterest for years, but they always screamed little girl to me.  And then I happened upon this one from Lilith Moon.  It’s the perfect mix of being fun and festive for Valentine’s Day but it’s also soft and romantic.  It kind of reminds of the Celtic Knot tutorial I created back in 2013, anyone remember that?!  This one is so much easier and c’mon, it’s shaped like a heart so you know I’m obsessed!!! 

Does anyone have any fun plans for Valentine’s Day?  It’s NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!  I’d love to know what you and your significant other do every year.  Is it a surprise?  It is spontaneous?  Does he get you flowers?  Do you exchange presents?  Do you go to bed early?!  DISH in the comments!I seriously love this hairstyyyyleeeeee!!!!!
In these pictures I’m wearing Blu-Red LipSense!  Let me know if you’d like to try some out and I’d be happy to hook you up!

Here’s the video tutorial, it’s super easy!  If you haven’t subscribed to my channel and would like to, CLICK HERE!  Thanks for all the love and support everybody!

Abby Smith

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