Couple Costumes for Halloween!!

COUPLE COSTUMES for Halloween!!

No you didn’t Abby… YES I DID!!!!  I DID!  I don’t think I’ve ever had this much fun in my entire life.  And can we just talk about Brain’s suit for a minute?  We were MADE TO LIVE IN THE 80’S!!!!!!!  Okay… sorry… I’ve calmed down… it’s just sooooo good!!!  Today I’m sharing our 80’s couple costumes for Halloween and tomorrow I’ll be dishing the drugstore makeup tutorial + 3 super cute and easy hairstyles you can rock with any of your 80’s costumes.  So let’s rewind for a second and talk about the planning for this costume.

Late at night while everyone else is sleeping… haha errr I mean while I’m binging Netflix and eating all the chips, I spend hours and hours trying to source product.  It actually takes me quite awhile to find the right costumes because I’m a tiny bit picky.  Okay a lot picky ?!  The costumes have to be conservative which is nearly impossible to do for some characters (cough cough Little Mermaid I’m lookin’ atchu).  For example my Unicorn costume…  

I wouldn’t feel comfortable in the costume on the left and I would FREEZE to death in it!  So I look for costumes that lend themselves to a bit more fabric.  I chose the Unicorn costume on the left out of all the others because it’s neckline went well with a long sleeved white shirt I had and I knew you wouldn’t really be able to tell I was adding more fabric to it.  So finding the right costume that fits well, is modest, that is flattering and fun that doesn’t annihilate the bank account… they’re all things I look for.  And I spend hours and hours combing the internet to find the perfect ones!

When searching for the 80’s costumes I really wanted to do an exercise look but either the costumes looked cheap, or I needed to buy too many pieces, or they’d be too hard to add more fabric to and so I started looking in the direction of 80’s prom.  Etsy and Ebay are GOLD MINES for old dresses.  

Once I found my dress, I started looking for Brain’s outfit.  I stumbled upon these Novelty suits from  Kohls and just bought one.  They’re expensive but I was okay with it because we’ll be using these costumes for so many parties over the next few years!

80's couple costume

dress with puff sleeve

For the photo shoot we had these huge wads of gum in our mouths — can you tell what side of the mouth mine is on?!  We tried for awhile and FINALLY got this picture #worthit

couple costume

I’m not sure if they actually wore this in the 80’s but it was so fun and colorful!  It’d be cool to dress down with just the pants and a regular sweater, or to wear jeans and just the blazer — obviously all as costume pieces of course.  Please don’t wear this when you’re being serious ?

mens suit 80's

HE’S THE CUTEST!!!!  And if you can’t tell, that’s a genuine smile right there.  You just can’t help yourself in the 80’s.  It was happier time back then haha!

couple costume

Some close ups of the shoes because…  because they’re very important, obviously.

couple costume

And one of me trying my HARDEST to harness my inner Madonna.  I don’t know why I feel like I need to narrate each photo for you but I’m just rollin’ with it!

madonna costume

Photography: Jordi Jerae

Costume Details

Dress: From Ebay | Necklace, old | Headband | Gloves | Fishnets | Studded Bracelet | White Chunky Block Heels | Pink Petticoat

Suit: Novelty suit from Kohls

Alright babes, that’s it!!  I hope you guys are excited to see my makeup + hair tutorial tomorrow.  It’s been a busy week so I’m a day behind in my videos.  LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!

Abby Smith

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