Taming your baby hairs

This picture just says it all!  My baby hairs are driving me CRAZY!  If you’re a brand new mom and you don’t have them yet… don’t you worry.  They’re coming for you.  I started noticing all the regrowth around six months and now they’re just uncontrollable.  They’re so thick and only an inch or so long so they just don’t press down.  There’s so much of them that I literally can’t pull my hair off my face or I look like a crazy person.  Can you relate?!
If you have baby hairs but haven’t had a child yet, you just simply cannot understand why we new-ish mothers are always complaining about them.  Usually I have baby hairs.  And I love them, they’re nice fringe that look great pulled out with updo’s and when my hair is back.  Or I can easily hide them with product.  These baby hairs aren’t like that.  These are insane.  They have a mind of their own!  So for those women who are constantly trying to press those suckers down and nothing seems to be working- I hope this helps!


Abby Smith

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9 thoughts on “Taming your baby hairs

  1. I used to get this a lot when i was in my teens, it is one of the most annoying things. I used to work as a checkout chick and would have people asking me if I shaved the hair. Seriously lol what were they thinking?

    I am now 21 and do still have it a bit but I think that wearing my hair down a lot has definitely helped it, I used to always wear it straight back in a tight high ponytail but now have a fringe and also often wear my hair down https://newaylook.com/best-medium-bob-haircuts/

    I also like the explanation that was on that thread (thanks melmeko) I have always wondered what it was and why it didn’t grow.. Now i know =)

  2. My baby hairs are terrible – and I’m not even a new mum. They stick around my face like a lion’s mane, and I’m not even exaggerating

  3. Hi! I have a lot of trouble with my baby hairs, and would love to see the video, but it says that the video is private so I can’t watch it! 🙁

  4. I can’t open this video…
    Do I need a password for this video?

    By the way, i really like all your videos! 🙂

  5. uh, i have a q? message me back when you can, thx! now on with the question!

    I have out of control baby hairs. They curl up when i sweat and they are very noticable. ( and i sweat a lot since i dance for 5 hours a week, now going to 7…… so yes. At school its very annoying, any solution?

  6. i really don’t understand what the big deal is. i’ve had those baby hairs all my life–i have never had a baby. at least yours are growing out. you’re beautiful, you have great hair, it bothers me that every post you’re complaining about something that is super minimal (and natural) and potentially teaching other ladies to hate that too. i love my baby hairs, actually. i think they add charm, and yours are not awful.

    anyway, i do love all your creative hair posts and your blog, etc. this one issue has just been nagging me lately. but i do look forward to more hair tutorials and i love the new look of the blog c:

    1. Angie you are totally right. I have been complaining a lot huh? Thanks for telling me, I will be super conscious from now on to be more positive. I think every one has baby hairs. At least to some extent. Mine are so super thick right now that it’s hard for me to spray the suckers down. No more whining though! Thanks girl!