Keep Extensions From Showing + Mixed Braids Tutorial







Shirt: Gap (on clearance for $9!!!) | Pearl Ring: c/o Wanderlust | Extensions: Luxy Hair (coupon code LUXYABBY for $5.00 off)

This is always a fun hairstyle to do that doesn’t require mad skill but looks super intricate!  I always always get stopped when I’m wearing this hairstyle!  I’ve been getting a lot of emails about hair extensions and more specifically how I keep extensions from showing.  Thanks to all my sweet sweet babies, my hair has thinned more than I’d like to admit.  I’ve figured out how to apply my extensions so that no matter how hard I try, you can’t see the tracks.  Anyway, if you’re interested in any of that + how to get this pretty mixed braided hairstyle go ahead and click play below.  I sure love you guys!

Abby Smith

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3 thoughts on “Keep Extensions From Showing + Mixed Braids Tutorial

  1. Thank you so much for showing how to use the extensions for length/volume and how to integrate into a braid. Awesome and easy to follow ! No more expensive 3 hour maintenance with lock-in extensions for me. Plus, I find that I can be more versatile with clip in extensions too. Much easier to hide.