My Makeup Must Haves

Ah, the joys of being a girl!

1.  Sheer Cover Base Perfecter.  I’m not going to lie- my skin isn’t that great.  And because of that, I was tentative to try Sheer Cover… I felt like the coverage wouldn’t be enough.  I’m a MAC girl through and through.  I’ve been using their foundation and powder for years.  The girl at the Proactive kiosk succored me into buying this Sheer Cover makeup and I actually really really love it.  The Base Perfecter smoothes your pores and allows your makeup to glide over your skin!
2.  Sheer Cover Foundation.  This is light and airy but it actually covers zits.  And I’m not talking skin discoloration.  I’m talking full on zits.  I was pleasantly surprised.
3.  Sheer Cover Latte Powder.  LOVE this stuff.  I’m not a huge fan of loose powder- it gets everywhere.  But this is great stuff.
4.  Bare Minerals “Warmth”.  This is THE best product for sun kissed cheeks.  I’ve tried MAC, Este Lauder and blah blah.  This stuff has the prettiest natural color to it.
5.  MAC Painterly Paint Pot.  This stuff goes on your eye lids before any powdery makeup.  It holds your makeup in place and helps your powder stick all day.
6.  Mmmmm.  MAC eyeshadow.  The three must have colors for me and my skin tone are: Woodwinked (top right), Antiqued (bottom left) and I’ll be in trouble when that last one wears out because I have no idea what it is!
7.  Cover Girl Eyeliner
8.  Maybelinne Stiletto Lash Mascara
9.  Mentha-Lip Tint from Bath and Body Works.  Best stuff EVER.

So there ya have it.  My Makeup Must Haves.  I am convinced that with the right products ANYONE can look beautiful.  Those naturally beautiful women are rare.  So very rare.  If you’re feeling a little down- freshin’ up your makeup bag.  Add a little something to that face of yours.  A little lip gloss, a little warmth on those cheeks- you’ll be surprised how it can make you feel!


Abby Smith

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2 thoughts on “My Makeup Must Haves

  1. Ooh, where do you find the sheer cover stuff at!?! Sounds right up my alley! I love the Stiletto Mascara, too! I just tried the Maybelline Illegal Length mascara and it’s pretty darn amazing as well. Good stuff, thanks for sharing!