Pretty Half Up Hairstyle for the Holidays






Hi guys!!!  This video was ready to rock last night but I totally forgot to publish it when we got home from our Christmas party!  The chaos of the season has finally settled down and we are just hanging out at home together – it feels nice to just be.  No lists or projects to get done.  If you’re wanting something to really get you into the spirit of Christmas, this video here is amazing and always helps us to feel so close to the Savior.  I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas, that you take time to slow down and be with family and friends.  We will see you next week for another video right before the new year!! XOXO

details on camera, hair extensions, jewelry, other videos etc checkout the description in the video!

Abby Smith

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3 thoughts on “Pretty Half Up Hairstyle for the Holidays

  1. Hi Abby- Love this site- What kind of bobby pins do you recommend for good hold on heavy thick hair? Source possibly needed as well.
    Thanks for sharing!