Texturized Braided Hairstyle

Lately I’ve been obsessing over this braided hairstyle, isn’t it pretty?  I wore it a bunch last week and several of you asked for a tutorial — so here it is.  In all it’s texturized glory ??!  It’s super fast and easy to style + the dutch braids keep your hair out of your face so it’s great to wear with the kids or if you have a busy day ahead of you at school or work.  I’ll let you be the judge of when/where to wear it but it would make the prettiest hairstyle for Mother’s Day… just had to throw that one out there ?!!

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^^  The braids transition so nicely into a ponytail.  If you’re dying in the heat or don’t have time for curls, throw the hair into a ponytail/messy bun and you’re all set!

Step by steps:

1//  We’re going to start off by splitting the hair down the middle, mine is just off center and I like it a little messy so my part is imperfect on purpose.
2//  Take a small section from the front on one of the sides and begin your dutch braid.  Remember, the outer strands go under the middle section in a dutch braid.  You also want to try and keep the braid higher than your temples.
3// Continue braiding down and when you reach the back finish off with a three strand braid.
4// Pancake the braid and then secure with a clear elastic.
5// Repeat on the other side!!

For the ponytail just clip the braids up and out of the way, put the curls into a ponytail and then criss cross the braids over the elastic.  You’ll wrap the braid on top all the way around the ponytail until you run out hair and secure on bottom by adding another clear elastic to the ponytail. ??

And if you’d rather, here’s the video tutorial!  I hope you enjoy the Texturized Braided Hairstyle Tutorial!

Abby Smith

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