Prayer: How, Why, and When I Pray

Today is Monday, so our focus is on spirituality. Last week we learned about Meditation and Mindfulness, and the week before we talked about starting a Gratitude Journal. Now, we will add to our spirituality practices by leveling up our prayers. Prayer has been a very important part of my life for a long time. Over the past year, though, prayer has carried me through my darkest days and nights. I’m so grateful that God answers prayers, even when I don’t understand the answers He gives me, I know that He is listening. I’m going to share how, why, and when I pray. 

Prayer- How, Why, and When I pray.

How I Pray

There are many ways to pray. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I prefer to pray without using a set prayer that I repeat. I teach my kids that God is a loving Father in Heaven that wants to hear from us. Because of this, we should tell Him what is on our minds, what we are grateful for, and what we need help with. 

Here is what I teach my kids to include in their prayers to God:

  • Address God by name
  • Express gratitude for gifts and blessings
  • Share your feelings, struggles, and questions
  • Close in the name of Jesus Christ

Do you have a way that you prefer to pray? I love how individual prayer is. It’s one of those things that is very personal between us and God. 

Why I Pray

Just like there are may ways to pray, there are also many reasons to pray. Over the past year, my prayers have carried me through some really hard times. When I’ve felt alone, confused, or exhausted, turning to God in prayer has helped me. 

Other reasons I pray are:

  • for strength
  • for help with the kids
  • for guidance as I make decisions
  • for peace and comfort in the hard times
  • to show my gratitude

Why do you pray?

When I Pray

There’s no set time for when you should pray. I know, for me, that I function best when I think of prayer as a two-way conversation with God throughout my days. I try to kneel and have formal prayers to start and end my day. But, I also try to pray throughout my day as I deal with my kids and go about my daily activities. Sometimes, those quick prayers I say in my mind as I’m washing dishes or in the car are some of my most heartfelt prayers. When do you pray? Do you have a favorite place to pray? 

How Prayer has changed my life

As I’ve said before, my prayers have changed as I have changed. We all have seasons in our lives when things are just hard. Friends move, marriages struggle and sometimes end, jobs are lost/change, goals aren’t reached, babies don’t sleep. Life can be hard. But, when I’ve taken the time to pray during those hard times I’ve felt God’s hand in my life, guiding me. During the really dark times, I’ve been strengthened by His spirit to do what needs to be done. And you know what? I’ve felt that same strengthening spirit during the easier times, too.  

My Prayer Challenge to You 

I’d like to challenge you to Level Up your prayers. Since we are leveling up other areas of our lives right now for this 30 day challenge, let’s level up our prayers, too. How you pray is up to you. But, I’m challenging you to look at your prayer practice and think about how you can change it for the better! Maybe this means you get up earlier so you have more quiet time without distractions to focus on devotionals and prayers. Maybe this looks like you studying what prayer is to you. Or maybe you try to learn a new prayer. Whatever leveling up looks like for you in your life, is fine. Just challenge yourself!

There’s still time to join the Let’s Level Up Challenge! Click below to learn more.

The Power of Prayer. How, Why, and When I Pray.
Prayer- How, Why, and When I Pray.
Prayer: How prayer as changed my life.

Abby Smith

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