Hospital Bag Must Haves

I’m having these babies on MONDAY.  Last night I was like crap, I need to throw my hospital bag together just in case these little dudes come early.  HA.  Yeah right.  They’re not coming early.  Who am I even kidding?!  UGH!  At any rate it’s gotta get done so I thought I’d put a little post together to share with you what I plan on bringing to the hospital.  Here is my no nonsense, simplified and practical hospital bag must haves!


For Mom:
1) A good robe and nightgown + comfy pajamas. If you’re having a c-section you’ll definitely want a nightgown vs leggings/pj pants that sit right on the incision.  I’m bringing this and this one and craving this one here.  Note: If you bring a nightgown make sure you can nurse in it…  if you plan on nursing that is!  It should have buttons up the front, a stretch neck or having the nursing clip straps.  Just something so you’re not ripping your gown off every time your baby needs to be fed!
2) Toiletries.  You’ll want to get semi-ready for when family comes to visit so bring the basics, you’ll be glad you did.  I always loved having yummy body wash, a razor and lotion.  Taking a shower after having a c-section – just sitting under the hot water was so relaxing for me.  I didn’t ever do much with my hair but I did wash and dry it.  Even if it’s going to be up in a bun two seconds later, at least it won’t be wet and stuck to your head.
3) Postpardum Belly Belt.  I’ve never actually used one of these before but they’ve been recommended over and over and have great reviews so I just purchased the one linked.  I almost pulled the trigger on this one but thought I’d try to cheaper one before spending $30 on a belt!  I’ll let you know if I like it or not in a few weeks.
3) iPad/computer.  Just in case you find yourself with some downtime, you’re going to want a couple shows to binge watch or a good book to read.  I just downloaded the healthy sleep habits happy child because I can’t remember any of it and it’s the best book ever!  In retrospect I should have brushed up on my baby skills months ago but whatever.  Nothing like just diving in head first!
4) Your camera/video camera.  Is this not an obvious one?!  Try to use as much natural light as possible when taking pictures of your babe, it’ll make them turn out much nicer.  And when all else fails, turn the pics black and white.  This is the camera and lens and video camera I’m bringing.
5) Going Home Outfit.  Unfortunately you’ll look like your still six months pregnant when you leave the hospital.  At least I do.  And if you’ve had a c-section you aren’t going to want to be wearing jeans.  I’d go for a simple nursing maxi dress like this one or this one here.  Seriously click on those links — they’re super comfortable, easy to nurse in and waaay cute.

For Nursing:
1) A Breast Pump + accessories. When your milk finally comes in you’re going to have a lot of it and chances are you’ll need to express it or a) you’ll become straight up engorged which is NEVER fun and b) the baby won’t be able to latch on because your so ginormous.  Who knew that could ever be a bad thing haha!  If you don’t want to invest in a pump, make sure you at least rent one from the hospital while there if you need it!
2) A good nursing bra. At the hospital I go for straight up comfort – leave your clasp/padded ones at home and opt for the comfy night time ones!  Mine are all trashed from my last two kids so based off reviews I just purchased this and this one.
3) Lanolin cream and nursing pads. I don’t like to use either of these too much because I feel like they keep me too moist and prevent my you know what’s from callousing (sexy huh?!) but they are still great to have when you need them. Quick tip: A few months before giving birth take your towel after getting out of the shower and semi-vigorously and fairly quickly rub your you know what’s (c’mon, this is a family blog hahaa) back and forth. You can get them nice and calloused before the baby comes and yes it’ll hurt the first couple of weeks but better now than when you’ve gotta feed someone with them every two hours!!  Doing this with Savy changed my life!!
4) A boppy pillow or if you’re having twins – a twinz pillow!  Just trust me on this one.
5) Burp Cloths.

For Baby(ies)
1) Nightgowns.  These are my ABSOLUTE favorites.  Buy a few sets for when they’re super newborn because a) you aren’t going to want to deal with snaps or zippers with as many diaper changes you have coming your way b) they have built in mittens which are a MUST when they’re at the hospital.  My babies would have scratched off their entire face if we didn’t put mittens over their hands and c) they usually come with a little cap to keep their heads warm.  Bam.  DONE.
2) Socks, mittens, going home outfit.  With Boston (my first) I brought a million different clothes, onesies and jackets to the hospital.  I ended up using none of it.  These babies going home outfit will be their little nightgowns, some socks and a swaddling blanket that works with their car seat.  This is my third and fourth though and I’ve just learned to simplify.  If you have the space and want to bring a bunch of outfits for your baby then do it, it’s always fun to play dress up!
2) Swaddling blankets.  The hospital will provide blankets and hats but I like to bring my own!  A few of my favorites right now are these, these and these.
3) A warm blanket.  With each of our kids we’ve had a special blanket for them.  My absolute favorite shop ever is Heartstring Things on Etsy.  She does a fabulous job and they’re so affordable.  Check there before spending $80 on a blanket from Nordstrom or Minky Couture.
4) Car Seat and Cover.  Don’t forget you’ve gotta take them home eventually!  We just purchased two of these car seats and these covers from Milk Snob are the best!

So there ya have it.  What I’m packing in my hospital bag!  There are many lists out there that are pretty extensive… I mean they even suggest bendy straws and fiber rich snacks!  The list I’ve compiled is pretty basic but I hope it helps if you’re trying to remember what’s important to have.  Just remember that you’re going to want to rest the majority of the time and PLEASE take advantage of the nursery.  You won’t be sleeping for a long while, it’s fine to let the nurses watch your baby(ies) during the night instead of having them in your room with you.  Keep things simple and you’ll be outta the hospital and at home with your baby(ies) before you know it!  Ahhh, now I really wish they’d just do me a solid and come tonight… I can’t wait to meet them!

3 EASY Summer Hairstyles


Alright guys…  I think this just might be my last hair/beauty video for a couple months.  I’ve really missed filming every week and there’s SO much I want to do!  I think that’s been the biggest trial with this pregnancy.  I usually have enough energy to do what I want and for the past few months I’ve felt physically limited in everything I do.  I’m very grateful for my health and that there’s an end in site.  For all of you struggling with true health challenges my heart goes out to you and I feel terrible for complaining.  Okay okay, back to the reason why we’re all here!  Today’s tutorial I have three easy summer hairstyles for you.  I really love build-able hairstyles.  I want to believe I coined the term haha I’ve never seen anyone else do them have you?  At any rate, they’re really fun and I hope you guys enjoy the tutorial!!

Also, I’ve started a new channel specially for family vlogging.  I’ll be uploading a few things to my regular channel but if you’re interested in the nitty gritty of my life make sure you subscribe to the new channel here!  Thanks loves!

1R 2R 3r

Enjoy the video!

36 Weeks







White Lace Tank: c/o Target | Maternity Jeans: c/o Target | Floral Blazer (old forever 21).  Similar styles herehere and here | Sam Edelman Pumps: Nordstrom | Gold Necklaces: c/o Made By Mary | Blue Druzy Bracelet (old) c/o Lillie + Tori similar here | Lipstick: Mac All Fired Up | Diaper Bag: c/o Lily Jade | Sunglasses: c/o Sunglasses Shop

TWO MORE WEEKS!!  I honestly cannot believe I’ve made it this far.  I really thought these babies would come early and as the days and dr. appointments go by that confirm they’re happy as can be where they are, the more and more I think I’ll end up carrying them to term.  Don’t get me wrong, I am so so grateful that they’re still growing and developing.  I’ve had an extremely healthy pregnancy and I feel very blessed.  BUT MAN.  This is absolutely the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life.  36 weeks, even 37 sure seems like a good compromise to me!  I don’t sleep, my heart races when I lay down to the point where I get full on nauseous,  I can’t eat anything without the worst heart burn ever, I probably shouldn’t be driving, Boston literally has to help me put on my shoes and the kids run away from me every chance they get because they know I can’t chase after them.  Also, you should see our house.  All the things I want to pick up and put away but physically just can’t.  I feel like I need to be in a nursing home, not responsible for myself and two other tiny humans!

My poor husband.  I’ve been making him do EVERYTHING.  And not just normal housework, make the meals, fold the laundry type everything.  I’ve been making him hang things and assemble furniture.  I think he’s more ready for this to all be over than I am!  Two more weeks though… I can totally handle this for two more weeks…

Ha!  You’re probably wondering how these pictures happened if I’m so miserable?!  Well… I’ll tell you the dirty truth.  I haven’t gotten ready since last weeks post and the only reason this one exists is because Brian hired a babysitter for our date this past weekend.  Having a baby sitter is a rare luxury we don’t often get so I thought I’d put forth some effort and doll myself up as best I could.  We went to the Cheesecake Factory and when the waitress asked if we’d like a booth I wasn’t 100% sure I’d fit.  BARELY you guys.  I barely fit and that pretty much made my night haha!  Alright, well I could just ramble your ear off for the next hour so I’ll let you go.  Make sure you’re following me on instagram @twistmepretty because who knows… maybe these boys will be willing to compromise at 37 weeks after all!  One can only hope!

Dressing The Bump







^^ Whoa.  Let us not forget there are two babies growing in there okay?!  I’m almost 36 weeks, eek!

7Striped Dress: c/o Target | White Footbed Sandal: c/o Target | Denim Jacket: Gap | Renegade Bracelet: c/o Stella and Dot | Daniel Wellington Watch: c/o Nordstrom | Wrap Around Bracelet: c/o Stella and Dot | Gold Necklaces: c/o Made By Mary | Ray Ban Sunglasses: c/o Sunglasses Shop | Diaper Bag: c/o Lily Jade | Lipstick: Mac All Fired Up

“You’re so lucky!!!  Two for the price of one!”  I’ve almost thrown my boxing gloves on a few times because having twins is not two for the price of one.  It’s more like two for the price of 10!  Pretty much my entire body is swollen and It takes me ten minutes to roll off my bed!  As challenging as the last few weeks have been I have to say that the days I choose to take those extra few minutes and put on some makeup and a cute outfit are the days that seem to be the happiest.  I’m nicer to my kids, I’m more willing to go outside and watch them play and most of all, it helps me to not feel so dang sorry for myself!  Because these babies are #3 and #4, I feel like I have started to refine my #bumpstyle.   Let’s be honest,  if having a few dollars in maternity clothes will lift your spirits even just a little bit, it’s worth the price!

Here’s a quick list of my maternity must-haves:

  • 1) Comfortable jeans.  If they’re not comfortable I end up in yoga pants or wanting to scratch my eyeballs out all day!  I look for jeans that have great stretch and that feel like leggings.  I also look for a flattering wash with either dark edges or an all around dark color like these ones here so that my legs appear thinner.  And last but not least, I look for the full coverage belly band.  I’m telling you, it’s the only way to go!
  • 2) Stretchy tops.  The kind with ruching up the sides or that tie in the back.  I think it’s more flattering when you accentuate the bump, not try to hide it.  The tailored sides like in these tee’s here (some of my absolute favorites) and shirts with pull ties in the back like this one here that help show off the bump and draw attention to the smaller part of your body.  In my case there isn’t one, but hypothetically speaking!
  • 3) Comfortable dresses.  A neutral dress like this one is an absolute must because it pops the bump and can be worn with boots in the winter and/or sandals in the summer.  I really like to layer my pieces with blazers, cardigans and chambray shirts wrapped around my waist to hide any extra weight I’ve gained during my pregnancy!  I fell in love with the striped dress I’m wearing here because of the bold horizontal stripes.  From the front it gives the illusion that you’re not the size of a small house haha!!
  •  4) The right shoes.  Low heels for when you’ve gotta dress up, sandals that require no buckling like the footbed ones I’m wearing here and some neutral ankle boots for when nothing else fits!

Sometimes dressing the bump can be a little challenging, but if you have the right maternity pieces, you should be able to supplement your outfits with a lot of your current wardrobe through most of your pregnancy.  Whatever you do, be proud of that belly because pretty soon you’ll be chasing after a five and three year old and wondering where the time went.  As uncomfortable as these last 36 weeks have been, I know that these babies will bring so much joy to our family.  Sacrifice is motherhood and what a beautiful sacrifice we get to make!  I’d love to see the way you’re styling your bump, tag me on instagram @twistmepretty and use the hashtag #bumpstyle for more inspiration!!

This post was sponsored by Target.

Volume without Teasing


First off I have to apologize.  My face is so swollen right now I can’t hardly look at these pictures! It’s why you haven’t seen a huge smile from me in weeks haha! I know you guys will be like, “oh whatever, you haven’t retained water” or “you’re almost 34 weeks pregnant with twins – you looks great” but I don’t believe you.  So just let me feel bad for my swollen face and ankles haha!!!  If you’ve ever been pregnant you totally get what I mean right?!

With that out of the way – whew – today I’m reviewing the Voloom.


follow the jump for the rest of the review/tutorial!

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