Soft, Romantic Rosettes with Kenra Professional



Sparkle Tee Chiffon Top: c/o Greenish | Hair Extensions: c/o Laced Hair | Lipstick: a random mashup of shades :)

I definitely had Valentines Day in mind when coming up with this hairstyle.  I wanted something soft and romantic, something that was very touchable and easy to do.  Inspired by… well… roses haha I came up with this little number.  If you’d like to see the full tutorial, click through!

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Twin Gender Reveal!


It’s been almost two weeks since we shared the gender reveal video on YouTube.  Hopefully you’ve already watched it and these pictures don’t give away the surprise!  But if you haven’t… yes, we are having TWO BOYS!!!  When our ultrasound tech first told us that Baby A was a boy I turned to Brian almost in tears and said, “I can’t believe we’re having two boys!” he laughed and said, “you don’t know that yet”!  But I did.  I think I’ve known all along even though I desperately wanted to give Savy a baby sister.  I think two more boys is what our little family needs and we are incredibly grateful that they’re healthy and that we’ve been chosen as their family.

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I think the most rewarding thing about motherhood up until now has been to watch Boston and Savy become best friends.  From the very beginning Boston was smitten.  He’s always loved her unconditionally.  He never minded the attention we gave her and he always made sure she’d get a pack of fruit snacks too or that her coat was zipped up and she’d be warm enough.  As a mother I’ve watched this little relationship grow between them and honestly, there’s nothing like it in the world.  To know that these two little humans came to earth destined to be best friends and that you’re just helping foster it.  Their love isn’t just one sided.  Savy is crazy about her older brother.  If she wasn’t oozing so much girl, I might be a little worried!  She asked for a Ninja Turtle Backpack for her birthday and Boston’s taught her all the ninja moves and karate chops she needs to know to successfully fight the bad guys.  She cries for her “ba-ba” the entire way home from dropping him off from preschool.  They rarely fight and all day long I get to hear him teach her and I get to watch her hang on his every word.

Being a mother has truly changed me.  It’s everything I am and even more than I hoped it would be.  There are definitely bad days, hard days, exhausting days and everything in between.  I’m not trying to sugar coat motherhood, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  In my entire life.  But there are those moments where you see your life in a different perspective and all of a sudden everything that was stressful and hard just goes away and you’re left with two little people who love you unconditionally.  I can do no wrong in their eyes.  I image having two more little boys is going to change the dynamic of our family a bit.  But I also see Boston and Savy smitten with their two new baby brothers.  I see these two little boys growing up knowing more love than most and sharing a bond with each other that will be just as amazing to watch.

So.  Am I ready for two newborns at once with the closest family over 2,000 miles away?  Absolutely not.  I’m terrified!  But if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that I need to enjoy the journey and not wish it away because it’ll go by in the blink of an eye.

In case you missed the video, or want to watch it again (seriously, check out Savy’s ninja moves) here it is in all it’s glory!

A Simple French Braid

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Every now and then you just need a simple french braid.  I love this hairstyle because it’s 1) super easy and fast 2) the braid is all up front so it’s just begging for compliments and 3) it adds some great volume if you’re hair is a little flat.  I love all the intricate combined braids but sometimes, sometimes I just don’t have the time!  And while I’d love to spend twenty minutes fishtailing my hair, it’s usually just not in the cards with two little ones to look after.  This year I’m going to focus some time on tutorials that are easy and fast enough for rushed mornings but that can be dressed up for date night or something a little more special.  I hope you guys love this hairstyle – it’s one of my favorites.  Simple.  Elegant and Fast.

It’s gonna get up to 25 degrees on Saturday!!  Who knows, maybe I’ll be brave enough to get out and take some outfit pictures!!

The video is quick and pretty straight forward but you have to watch it to the end because there’s the funniest little blurb of Savy.  That girl – she’s so sassy!


Inverted Lace Crown Braid Tutorial – thank goodness it’s way easier than it’s name!





I’m ALIIIIVE!  Are you guys proud of me?  I rallied and put this quick tutorial together, albeit a day late, but hey, it’s here!  What do you think?  It’s very similar to the braided crown I did a few years ago but I love that this braid starts at the top of the head instead of just in the back so you can see it at all angles.  I’ve been obsessed with dutch braids for awhile now.  I remember a time when I didn’t like them, I thought they were awkward to do and I didn’t like how they stuck out, but now I feel like everything is prettier with a soft dutch braid!

I had so many issues editing this video.  My imac is on its very last leg.  Heading to the Apple store tomorrow to buy myself a new one… ugh.  Not happy about spending the money but I literally wasted six hours today on just watching the spinning wheel of death.  Any of you had the misfortune of becoming familiar with it?  I was just about ready to throw my computer against the wall!  So the yard, a new camera, a new dining table — all those things will  just have to wait cause momma needs a new computer!

Quick Instructions for the crown braid:

1) dutch braid the top heavy section of the hair
2) four stitches down turn the dutch braid into an inverted dutch braid.  So quit adding hair into the top section and only had a new section of hair into the bottom section
3) when you reach the bottom, tie off with clear elastic
4) repeat on the other side
5) take the thinnest braid and wrap across crown and pin with bobby pin
6) take the thickest braid and wrap across crown above first braid and hide ends under the first braid

You can find the VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE.  Sorry to take you off site but I was having issues embedding the video!

I LOVE YOU so much and so grateful you’ve been patient with me while I’ve been figuring out my life this past month.  I even attempted styling some new outfits this week, to show you the ever growing baby bump, but today it was -27F.  NEGATIVE TWENTY SEVEN DEGREES!!!  Do you know how cold that is?  It’s cold enough that they cancelled school!!  I’m not sure I’m cut out for this east coast winter weather!  All these changes though are exciting and fun and keepin’ us on our toes.  I can’t wait to show you our new home.  So many fun things to come!!


To Happily Survive






bag: c/o lily and jade | denim jacket: old navy | white jeans: american eagle | booties: marshalls | sweater: marshalls | infinity scarf: old

HELLO!!!!  You guys, I seriously feel like I’ve fallen off the planet.  I haven’t been on instagram or facebook or done anything on YouTube or my blog in what feels like forever.  I had to take a few weeks off to settle into our new house and get everything unpacked.  I can’t handle unfinished projects and the need to not only get all the boxes out, but organize closets and decorate our space has been pretty consuming.  I couldn’t tear myself away no matter how badly I missed you!  And then a huge extra amazing holiday surprise — my sister and her family made a visit from Oklahoma for the week so we’ve been staying up late playing games and baking waaaay too many treats.  Good thing the New Year is upon us because I need some motivation to get back into shape are start eating better.  UGH, the holidays always kill me!

Normally I’d make a list of ways I can improve myself for the new year but being pregnant with twins and having no clue how to even plan or prepare for when they come, my list has turned into one simple goal: to happily survive.  This year I’m going to happily survive and if that means I don’t shower for an entire week or we have so many dirty dishes piled up I have to have Brian go to the store and get paper — then so be it.  And I’m going to love it and cherish these years and it’s going to be awesome.  No family to help but that won’t matter, I’m one of the most determined people I know and we’re going to survive this.  We’re gonna own this year friends and I’m taking you on my ride.  The whole ride – the nitty gritty, not so pretty, real life highs and lows and you can laugh with me when I wear different shoes to pick up Boston from school.  You can love on my super cute babies that cuddle and wear the same outfits and you can cry with me when I feel so overwhelmed the world is crashing in.  I’m excited.  This year is going to be pretty darn fantastic!!

So Happy New Year friends!  2014 was the most amazing, life changing year ever and I know that 2015 is only going to be better.  xoxo