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hahaha I couldn’t help myself! I need to turn these faces in a meme right now!

Welcome to my first Q/A video! First off let me apologize, the first half of the video is suuuuper blurry. I didn’t realize it until I was finished and well, I just didn’t have time to film it again. So no, it’s not your eyes!! Ugh, stupid technology!!

I know it’s pretty long… I don’t blame you if you don’t watch the whole thing but just FYI, you’ll be missin out! This is my first sit down and chat it out video so I wasn’t really sure what to do… constructive criticism is always welcome!

Mmk well I love you!! I’m chatting about my blogging schedule, my perfect put together life (HAAAAHAHAHA), what it’s like with four small kids etc… sorry there’s not much hair and beauty. All the questions were more personal so that’s just where I went. I’ll be doing a more beauty oriented one next month so get your questions ready!


The Put Together Slouch!








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Let’s just talk for a sec about the twenty pounds I’m probably never gonna lose.  A few years ago I would have been devastated… my poor body has been through the ringer!  Luckily for me I’m not that same person I was a few years ago and I’m pretty darn proud of the fact that I’ve made four children… two of the four at the same time!  This body is amazing and I’m proud and confident of what we’ve accomplished together!!  Instead of beating myself up over what I can’t wear anymore, it’s been fun to play around with what I can. One of things I’ve really loved wearing is blazers.  Specifically this blazer.  It’s the softest, slouchiest, comfiest blazer you’ve ever worn in your life.  It looks amazing with jeans, shorts, dresses, pencil skirts… ugh.  Who am I kidding, it looks great with everything and it hides allllll the flaws.  I think I need one in every color… or at least another one in white!!  The other piece I haven’t been able to live without is this free people tee.  It’s really pricey (I got mine during the Anniversary Sale) but when you find the perfect white tee you don’t let it go.  It’s thick so you don’t need an undershirt, the v-neck isn’t too low, the sleeves are the perfect fit (I’m picky with my sleeves) and it’s the perfect blend of put together and slouch.  Is that a thing?!  Anyway, if you’re hiding a few extra pounds, or twenty, get yourself a good blazer and a couple high low tees that give you a good put together slouch hahahaha!!!  I’m not even making sense anymore, I’m going to bed!  I hope you guys have had a wonderful week so far and if I can get my butt in gear I’ll have the Q&A video from instagram up for you tomorrow.

Easy Back To School Hairstyle


With school starting this week, I thought I’d put together a super quick hair tutorial that’s perfect for those rushed mornings!  Pretty, fast, pulled back and easy… not much more you could wish for in a hairstyle!!  To see the back to school hairstyle tutorial and video follow through the jump! Continue reading

Twin Nursery Reveal



Welcome to the twins nursery!  I’m so excited to share their room with you, it’s my absolute favorite room in the house.  I had a hard time deciding how I wanted to decorate this room… and my pinterest boards only made me more confused!  Have any of you found that it’s harder to decorate since Pinterest?  I could not decide what direction I wanted to go because I liked so many different nursery ideas online!  In the end, I went with something fairly simple.  It’s a really small room and we needed to squeeze a large couch, two cribs and a big dresser in it.  I knew if I over decorated, it would end up feeling closed in and cluttered so I kept it really bright and clean and it turned out so much better than I’d pictured in my head!  I hope you enjoy.

Follow the jump to see the full room reveal!

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Surviving the Days!







Photography: Trina Harris Photography

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After months of constant help, family has officially gone back to Utah.  Saying goodbye was bitter sweet I cried like a baby…  It’s been so nice to have helping hands and I’ve loved the company.  My kids have the best grandparents in the entire world and I honestly wouldn’t have survived without them.  After ten weeks though, I’m more than ready to figure this whole mom of four business out on my own.  The biggest challenge I have right now is feeding all my kids.  The little ones are a piece of cake compared to Boston and Savy… they won’t eat, they won’t help clean up, they make messes, they wear five outfits a day so the laundry is a mess, they fight, all they want to do is watch TV and on and on and on!  While the newborn/baby stage is so exhausting, nothing is harder than a 3 and 5 year old.  I’m praying these little babies of mine stay babies forever!!!!!!

In all reality though, the big kids have been so fun to have around.  Today while the twins were napping we made an obstacle course in our yard and I honestly can’t remember the last time I had so much fun.  So while they drive me absolutely crazy, I love them more than anything and I’m so grateful that they’re constantly inspiring me to better.  Now let’s just hope I can survive them!