Cute Summer Twists | Beach Hairstyle


FINALLY!!!!  I’ve had this tutorial filmed for ages and I feel like I’ve been fighting with the world lately!  First, Boston throws my iPhone in the pool and it takes me over a week to recover it and all my passwords and start living normally again.  THEN the bomb was dropped on us that our sitter was stealing from us.  Like fourth degree felony stealing from us.  I’m not even gonna go into because I just… I can’t.  Needless to say it’s been a really really REALLY weird couple of weeks and I’ve pretty much been able to keep only my kids alive.  I guess that’s a feat in and of itself so we’re still making progress ha ha!  But forgive me for being semi absent.  These cute beach twists are my favorite summer hairstyle and I hope you guys enjoy the tutorial!  Don’t forget to watch thru to the end because I share another four quick ways to style it.  LOVE YOU GUYS FOREVVAAA!  Also if you want details on the suit and other ways to look beach ready, check out this post here!

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 I am so excited to be a part of the Dove #LoveYourHair campaign.  I’ve always loved the way Dove embraces originality, first with their Campaign for Real Beauty to show that all body types are beautiful and now with their Love your Hair campaign.  Big, blue, curly, straight, short, buzzed — however you want to because it’s time do hair your way!  



Dove Hair has made a super cute film that shows how extraordinarily beautiful being unique truly is and you can join us in celebrating every texture, color, and length by following along on Pinterest here.  How do you embrace your originality? 

This post was made in collaboration with Dove Hair but all opinions are my own.

Fav Products + Swim Accessories for the Beach!


Truth be told, this is the first time I’ve been in a swim suit in nearly two years.  Last year I had JUST had the twins and I fit into zero of my suits.  I went to the pool a couple times with the kids and literally had to wear a tee shirt and workout shorts that were so tight I could barely breathe.  Needless to say when Spring rolled around this year I couldn’t WAIT for summer!  Today I wanna share just a few of my favorite products to help you get beach ready + a couple of my favorite suits and accessories. 

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5 Workout Hairstyles

There are a couple videos that keep getting requested… how I grew my eyelashes (it’s coming I swear!!!) and workout hairstyles!  I’ve already done a video of my favorite workout styles but here is another round up of a few trending styles I’ve seen around lately.  I hope you enjoy the video and the few tips I share at the end on how to save your curls when exercising + ways to get around washing it after a good sweat sesh.

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Our Patio Reveal!



This moment you guys.  I don’t think I’ve ever worked harder for anything in my entire life!  Okay… maybe I’m exaggerating just a tiny bit!  This patio has been a true labor of LOVE.  Sweat.  Blood, literally.  Tears.  A thousand trips to the nursery and late nights digging and hauling dirt and refinishing furniture.  You wanna see the before?  Click on through and come on our patio journey with me!

Couch: c/o AE Outdoor | Trellis Rug: Target

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