3 Buildable Summer Hairstyles

summer hairstyles

I’m in love with build-able hair styles right now.  I think I invented the term as far as defining hairstyles go, so if you weren’t around for our fishtail series and are confused with what a build-able style is… it’s basically a number of hairstyles that build upon each other.  To get to the second hairstyle, you’ve gotta complete the first sort of thing.  Make sense?!  I really love build-able hairstyles because there are many times I’ve started my day wanting my hair down.  And by the end of it I’ve gotta have it up.  Either it’s just too hot outside or I’m too active with my kids and my hair is driving me insane hanging down on my shoulders.  I love build-able hairstyles because they quickly transition a down style to an upstyle with just a few extra steps.

These topsy tail hairstyles are perfect for summer.  Easy.  SO easy.  Quick.  Cute.  Wind proof :)

If you’re at the beach and you want to start out with a down style while your hair is dry, start with style #1.  Then as the day progresses, the hotter you get or if your hair gets wet and crazy like, throw it into a pony or bun.  Done and done.  What do you guys think?  Quick transition from down to up.  Love it.  I’m telling you, build able hairstyles.  They’re the next big thing… and I’m totally taking credit for them hahaha!!


Quick Steps:: Start by sectioning off hair from the temples up.  Secure with a clear elastic in the back and put into topsytail.  Clip tail up and gather another section of hair from the ears up.  Secure with clear elastic.  Reach through as if starting a topsy tail and pull the tail up in a clip into the hole.  Finish off second topsytail.


Quick steps:: Clip up tails and secure the remaining hair into a ponytail with a clear elastic.  Reach from underneath and pull the tails through, right above clear elastic.  Leaving the tails down, secure that last ponytail into a topsytail.


Quick Steps:: But the ponytail into a messy bun!

And of course, a video.  This video was taken before I chopped my hair, and we are finally back from our vacations so I’m going to be filming short hairstyles from here on out… mostly.  I still have a few long hair tutorials saved in the reserves!  Enjoy!

Utah Style Icon Awards

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This whole blogging journey has been an unexpected dream.  It started off as a space to fill Boston’s naptime and nothing more.  I actually didn’t even know what a blog was until I started one.  I saw a Twix commercial and the word blogging was used.  I googled it and thought it looked cool haha!  Like most things in life, I learned as I went.  Other than my good friends google and youtube, I didn’t have anyone helping me.  I worked hard and I fought through those moments where it seemed like no one was listening.

Blogging has given the opportunity to provide for my family while my husband’s been in school.  It’s given me the great pleasure of helping women feel more confident about themselves.  I feel like I’m making a difference, like I’m inspiring people to be better and feel better about themselves.  Blogging has turned me into a photographer, a natural light lover, an author, a model, a photoshop pro and so much more.  I now see the world with a creative pair of eyes and it’s given me the chance to express myself.  I feel extremely lucky and blessed to have so many friends around the world to connect with and learn from.

The night of the Utah Style Icon Awards was amazing.  It really made me appreciate how far I’ve come since I started this blog three years ago.  I attended it with two of my best friends, Leanne from Elle Apparel, and Alycia from Crowley Party.  We were pampered with gold facials, able to dress up like princesses and ride in chariots of gold glitter.  We ate the MOST delicious pastries and had the greatest and most hilarious conversations with new friends.  The entire night was full of surprises — including me winning the award and coveted flower tiara.  It’s nights like that that make you so incredibly thankful for everyone who has believed in you.

I just wanted to say thank you for giving me this experience, for letting me be a part of your life and for loving me just as I am.


Everyday Makeup Tutorial (full coverage)

Alright.  Here it is.  And if you think this wasn’t hard for me to post my before pictures… it was.  Even though I’m a confident woman no one likes to see their face under the lights totally naked! I feel that makeup is SO INCREDIBLY important.  Not even to hide my flaws or to transform the way I look but because it helps me feel just a bit more put together.  I’m a young mother to two…  feeling a bit more put together is sometimes the only win I have for the day!  Oh yes, and these photos have not been photoshopped.


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These are the products I use.  They are also commonly found in the corner of Savy’s bedroom, tucked underneath pillows or put in baby pockets for safe keeping :)  She is obsessed with stealing my makeup!  I got the little organizer at TJ Maxx – I need like ten more of them!  You can also find them at the Container Store, this is the one I want next.


I try to buy all the beauty products I can at Nordstrom because it’s free shipping and they have an amazing return policy.  If I try something and don’t like it or it makes me break out, I feel confident knowing I can get my money back.

Foundation Brush:  This is one of the few brushes I’ve ever splurged on and it was totally worth the money.  It’s the IT Cosmetics Dual Ended Concealer Brush and it’s cheapest on Amazon.  If you use a liquid foundation you’ll LOVE this brush.  It actually blends the product into your skin instead of pushing it around on top of your face.  I also use the smaller end to contour.
Angled Blush Brush:  I’ve been using the $9 Sonia Kashuk Blush brush but the bristles tend to fall out easily.  For $6 more I’d splurge and get the bare minerals angled blush brush.  Bare Minerals have AMAZING brushes that last forever.
Small Contour Brush:  I bought the Mac 09 Small Contour Brush years ago to apply my mac makeup foundation.  I now use it to blend my cream blush and I love it.  Mine is a crazy color because my proactiv has dyed the bristles… oops!
Powder Brush:  I really love the Eco Tools Large Powder Brush.  It’s really soft and doesn’t grab too much product – perfect for setting makeup.
Eyebrow brush:  I use the Anastasia Beverly hills Duo Brow Brush but I just started using this Brow Wiz pencil and it’s amazing.  It’s more precise and the brush and color come in one so it’s super handy.
Angled Eyeshadow Brush:  The Mac 275 angled eyeshadow brush is my favorite.  I use this one to apply that kitten shimmer color all over my lid.
Fluffy blending brush:  I use the Sephora #19 Tapered Crease brush to blend the darker color onto my eyelids.  It’s larger which I like because it helps me apply my makeup faster.

Primer:  Lately I’ve been using the Temptu and Proactiv primers.  I also really like the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.  If you don’t use Proactiv and you don’t have the air brush machine, I’d go with the Smashbox primer.  Primers are a little pricey but they last forever and truly help with not only the application of product, but they help your foundation stay on longer and they minimize pores.  Don’t waste expensive makeup on skin that isn’t primed!
Concealer: I use the Nars Complexion Concealer. My color is Custard.  Concealer is more pigmented for troubled spots.  Dab it on zits and discolorations.  
Foundation:  You put foundation on your entire face – it gives you that blank canvas and evens out skin tone.  I use the Makeup Forever Matte Mat Velvet + Foundation.  My color is #30 Porcelain.  I switched from Mac foundation awhile ago and never looked back.  The Mac Foundation was heavy and thick and it totally smells.  Try this stuff next time you run out of your Mac foundation, I promise you’ll love it!  I also really love the new Bare Minerals Foundation, it’s super creamy and all natural.  My color is Bare Shell 02.  If you’re into the ‘clean’ makeup, you’ll absolutely love it.  It provides more coverage than it use to and you’ll want this brush to go with it.
Cream Blush: I love the Cream Blush from Maskcara.  If you don’t love cream blushes, I really love the Bare Minerals Blush in Giddy Pink.
Contour Powder: I use Bahama Mama Bronzer.  I like it because it doesn’t have any shimmer to it and it’s a great color to contour with.  You want be careful when contouring because it needs to look like shadow and not like bronzer.
Highlighter: It took me forever to find a great highlighter.  I kept trying “highlighters” and kept being disappointed.  I finally tried the Nars Creamy Concealer as a highlighter and I absolutely loved it.  My color is Vanilla.  Yes it’s a concealer, but if you buy it a shade lighter than your natural skin tone, because it’s so creamy, it can easily be used as a highlighter.  Best one I’ve found.
Illuminator:  Illuminator adds that dewy look to your skin.  I love the Illuminator from Maskcara or I also really like the Nars Illuminator.
Powder:  I use powder to set all my makeup.  I really like the Makeup Forever Powder, my color is 115 Pink Ivory, or if you’re looking for something more clean, the Bare Minerals Powder works amazing too.  My color is light.

Eyelid Primer: Mac Paint Pot Primer in painterly, I also really love the Urban Decay Eye Primer, it goes on a bit creamier.  I like to get primers that have a nude color to them rather than sheer because it helps the eyeshadows color show better and it also conceals any veins or dark spots on the eyelid.
Eyeshadow Palette: Stila in the light Palette – fav color kitten.  This palette also comes with a smudge stick which is an amazing eyeliner and a booklet on different ways you can apply the colors.  
Eyeliner: Maybelline Eye Studio Liner Gel (comes with brush)
Mascara:  I really love the Bare Minerals Mascara, or if you’d like something cheaper, my favorite drug store maskcara is the Maybelline Lash Stiletto

Eyebrow Powder:  Mac Eyeshadow in Brun.  In the video I used the Head Over Heels color in the True Romantic Palette by Bare Minerals.  I’m not sure if it’s available anymore.  Both are great ashy colors perfect for the eyebrows!
Brow Gel:  I didn’t mention this in the video because Savy had stolen it and I couldn’t find it, but I use it daily to set the eyebrow color.  It’s Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel.
Just discovered this Brow Wiz pencil from my sisters makeup bag and absolutely love it!

Maybelline 105 pink wink

And last but not least, the video.  It’s pretty long because I wanted to explain it all.  I used quite a bit of product so that you could see it in the video.  When I’m filming I tend to apply more makeup than I need because it looks better under the lights.  My everyday routine though requires much less foundation and coverage but the steps are all the same.  Also, at the end I say it takes about five minutes to do my entire makeup routine.   I’ve timed myself since and if I do the entire thing perfectly it’s 10 minutes and if I’m in a hurry and skip steps it takes 5.  Just wanted to clarify!

This post was not sponsored, all opinions are my own.

7 Bold Lip Colors

Hey lovers — guess where I am right now?  If you follow me on instagram you better know where I am… any guesses?!  MEXICO!!!  Brian surprised me with a NINE day trip to Cozumel — without the kids — to the same place we spent our honeymoon nearly seven years ago.  What the heck —  I’ve been married for seven years?  I feel so old.  Anyway you can bet I’m relaxing on the beach right now, getting all sorts of brown.  Do you notice the amazing color of my skin though, in these photos?  Maskcara was right, this sunless tanner is BOMB.  Like ah-freaking-mazing!  I highly recommend.

Okay wow, tangent.  I have a friend, Alycia, who makes the most amazing YouTube videos.  She is hilarious and so fun to watch.  She recently posted a lip product addict tag video — you should watch it — and it was just the motivation I needed to pull my act together and get my favorite lipsticks post up.  So here it is.  My absolute favorite brand of lip stick is Maybelline.  Any Maybelline lipstick will do but right now I’m obsessed with their Vivids Collection.  This post is not sponsored and I purchased all these lipsticks on my own.  There are however affiliate links.  So if you purchase something from a link on my site (thank you) I do make a tiny commission.  Haha to make a living off commission though I’d need to share something worth more than $5 haha!!  Okay, here’s the thing with lipstick.  I think it’s silly to spend 15-30 bucks on one tube of lipstick when you can get an amazing product for 5.  I’ve never splurged on an expensive lipstick, call me cheap, so maybe I don’t know what I’m missing out on but I really love the pigment, the creamy smooth application and the long wear that these lipsticks provide.  Don’t fix something if it ain’t broke.  Right?!  Haha, okay okay I’m probably missing out on that Mac lipstick I always hear you guys talk about huh?


In order to get those bright neon colors to really pop, you’ll need to start off with a neutral lip.  I like to use my foundation and I just apply it onto my lips while I’m doing my makeup.  I’m really lazy when it comes to my makeup so that’s pretty much the only thing I do before applying my lipstick.  However, if you want your color to stay put all day, go ahead and line and fill the lips with lip liner and then apply the lipstick.  I haven’t been able to find any of these colors in a liner except the red so when I take the time and actually line my lips, I line with a nude color.  When I can’t find that ( I have a Savy baby on the loose and she’s ALWAYS stealing my stuff… it’s a good thing she’s so dang cute ) I line with a browny-red color but it does change the color of the lipstick.  After you’ve lined and filled, smack your lips on some folded toilet paper and then hold it up in front of your lips and pat powder over the toilet paper.  Apply the lipstick one more time and you’re set.

I am modeling 7 out of 10 shades from the Vivids Collection.  Our Target is pretty picked over and I could never catch the other 3 in stock.  They are really similar to the other colors though so I wasn’t too bugged by it.  Which one is your favorite?

pink-popfuchsiaflash1shocking-coralvibrant-mandarinvivid-roseon-fire-red       brazennnberry

Pink Pop and Brazen Berry are probably the colors I’ve worn the least and Vivid Rose and Shocking Coral are the ones I get the most use out of.  However, I’ve worn all the colors a ton this summer and I honestly can’t pick a favorite.  I feel like I’m always hearing from friends how they absolutely cannot pull off a bold lip.  I think they’re lying.  ANYONE can wear a bold lip if they wear it with confidence.  In my opinion it doesn’t matter the shade, or the undertone of the skin or this or that, if you wear a bold lip confidently, it’s going to look good on you.  Maybe start with a simple red and work your way up to a crazy neon color.  You’ll seriously feel like Marilyn Monroe all night and… well, it’s kind of awesome when you feel like Marilyn Monroe!

How many of you are off to the store to try out some of these colors?  If you are and if you take a photo, tag me on instagram @twistmepretty so I can see your fabulous lips!  I’ve created a great Pinterest image if you feel like pinning, you’ll find it if you click the pinterest icon to the left of this post!


5 ways to spice up a t-shirt and jeans

x1 2 3 5 6 7 8a 13 gTop: c/o Olive Lane Shop (I’m wearing a large and it’s the perfect loose fitting tee) | Shorts: DIY from these jeans | Blush Bag: c/o Sole SocietyLeopard Sneakers (the best shoe ever invented) |  Sunglasses: gold green ray ban aviators | Watch: c/o Kiss Me Mint, similar here or here | Necklace: local boutique, similar here | Bracelets: Kohls | Lipstick: Maybelline Vivids Vibrant Tangerine

Let me introduce you to my mom-iform.  Five days out of the week you’ll find me wearing a basic graphic tee — any of the ones from Olive Lane Shop work splendidly –  a bold lip, a top knot or some type of braid, and last but not least, my mom shorts.  Those are essential.  It’s the perfect outfit because I can easily chase my kids in the dry Utah heat, yet I still feel put together.  The outfit is nothing special – it’s a tee shirt and jeans.  But if you add just a few extra things it all of a sudden feels different.  It feels like an outfit with purpose.

Here are my top 5 ways to spice up a regular tee shirt and jeans.

1) Do something with your hair.  We all know that after a few hours of running around with the kids, or sitting in meetings, whatever it is you do with your days, your hair goes flat.  It’s just inevitable. If you pull your hair up into a top knot, you’ve got volume all day.  If you braid your hair back, or add an accent twist into your bangs, you’ve now spiced up your look and added a bit more interest.  Who cares what you’re wearing when your hair is pretty right?!  Sometimes the styles that take the least amount of time can make the biggest difference.
2) Wear shoes you love.  Whether it’s these bold sandals, or something more like my Leopard Sneakers – LOVE YOUR SHOES.  Through your shoes you can not only add pops of color and texture but you can pull pattern and interest into a seemingly plain outfit.
3) Statement Necklaces. Statement necklaces add glitz and glam to plain outfits.  They also pull colors and patterns together and they are undoubtedly my favorite accessory to wear with a regular tee shirt and jeans.  ‘Nough said.
4) A bold lip.  This one needs no explanation.  WEAR A BOLD LIP ALREADY!!!
5) Wear a bag. Just like statement necklaces and shoes, bags pull in color and help coordinate patterns.  If your outfit is too neutral and plain, add a pop of color through your bag.

What outfit do you find yourself wearing most?  Are you more casual, or do you like to get all dressed up?!