Backstage at Marissa Webb


^^ favorite shoes of my entire life.  Sold out at Nordy’s but found them here and they’re on clearance!!


^^ I forced this girl right here to take this trip with me.  She helped me with video and photos the entire time, couldn’t have done it without my Leanne!


^^ Tresemmé’s lead hairstyle, Jeanie Syfu


^^ Are you kidding me right now?!  That’s a lot of photographers!


You guys — I have no words.  Being backstage at the Marissa Webb show was CRAZY.  Literal out of body experience!  There was this intense energy that was so thick you could have sliced it with a knife.  There was so much going on, so much press, so much talent and the models were ridiculously beautiful.  I got to hang out with Jeanie,  TRESemmé’s lead hairstylist.  She had me help her out with a few things but mostly I got to just watch her being the amazing creative she is.  Marissa and Jeanie decided on two looks for their models, the braided faux hawk look and then a side five strand braid.  Because I’ve already done a tutorial on the five strand braid I chose to really focus on the braided faux hawk style.  Because I couldn’t help myself I threw together a video of what backstage was like and a tutorial of this hairstyle — it’s different from the other videos I’ve done in the past but I hope you love it and it’ll definitely give you a better idea of what it’s like backstage at a major fashion show!

This post and video were sponsored by Tresemmé, the official haircare sponsor of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, also a product by Unilever.

#TRESmbfw Day 1

Last week I had the most dreamy experience representing TRESemmé – the official haircare sponsor of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week — at New York Fashion Week.   It was truly a whirlwind of excitement, I felt like a little girl wearing her mother’s heels the entire week.  What an incredible honor to be part of it all and TRESemmé treated me like a princess.  They literally gave me the VIP treatment and being backstage with so much talent was unreal.  The commotion, the creativity, the beauty — it was all so unbelievable.  Because I have so much I want to share, from outfit photos to hairstyle tutorials and backstage experiences, I’ll be spreading things out just a bit.  For right now, here’s the first dress I wore to the BCBG and Marissa Webb Show.  I’m in love with the delicate floral pattern and pastel colors in this dress.  It also fit the bill on being conservatively  modest so it was a no brainer for me!


^^  In the morning before the BCBG Show | Soft Dutch Braid Tutorial here


^^ After I’d helped backstage for the Marissa Webb Show | 5 Strand Dutch Braid Tutorial here

DRESS: Ted Baker Glitch Dress | HEELS: Sam Edelman Pump | CLUTCH: Whiting and Davis Envelope Clutch | SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker ‘Super Duper’ | BARETTES: Rose Barettes | HAIR: Laced Hair Extensions | LIPS: Pink Plaid by Mac

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The Lincoln Center was filled with photographers and beautiful people wearing beautiful dresses.  I could have sat in the center all day with some popcorn and stalker glasses just watching the culture and personalities from everyone who came and went.  It was really cool though to be all dressed up and fancy because photographers would just flock to you.  They’d follow you around in hoards and make you feel like a celebrity.  Tomorrow I’ll show you what happened backstage at the Marissa Webb Show and then I’ll make sure you get some amazing hairstyle tutorials — because duh —  it’s TRESemmé.  You simply can’t go four days at #NYFW without learning more than a few amazing things from their talented hairstylists!

This post was sponsored by TRESemmé, a product by Unilever

This Life

Photography: Trina Harris Photography (LA to Utah — Lifestyle/Wedding Photographer)

Every now again and I need some perspective.  I get lost in errands that need to be run, dinners that need to be prepared or bathrooms that need cleaning.  Lately I’ve been lost in New York Fashion Week, in moving across the country and in Brian starting his new job.  In the middle of it all I got a beautifully wrapped disk full of photos that melted my heart and helped me remember why I chose this path and not another.  These three are my reasons for waking up in the morning.  These three give me hope, more joy than a person deserves and a legacy to look forward to.  During moments of chaos — it’s those two little faces that keep me moving and that insanely handsome man that keeps me grounded.  This is the life I chose.  This is the life I want and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


DIY Bohemian Braids

bohemian braids for short hair

Let me just start off by saying… Since I cut my hair I haven’t been able to pull off a side braid.  And if there’s one thing you need to know about me it’s that I LOVE side braids.  I love them for clean hair, for dirty hair, with casual outfits, with dressy outfits.  I love them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You guys.  A side braid was like, my thing.  My go-to hairstyle.  So there’s been a little bit of a home sickness for them.  But really there has… ha!  This braided updo isn’t a side braid, but I find myself wearing it like one.  I wear it with all types of outfits, no matter what kind of condition my hair is in and I find that it just always works and it stays put.  Bam.  Happiness right there am I right?!

Step by Step Instructions:

1) Divide the hair into four sections.  Braid the first section and tie off
2) Braid the other three sections and tie off
3) Take the third braid and wrap it over and under the second braid
4) Pin that section in place
5) Take the second braid and wrap it around your finger and back around, tucking under any ends that poke out
6) Secure with a bobby pins or two
7) Take the fourth braid

31 2  64

Shirt: c/o Pink Blush | Necklace: c/o Tiny Dazzles

Right now I’m in New York.  At least I will be when the publishes.  I should arrive sometime tonight and then the craziness of new york fashion week with tresemme begins.  I’m super excited!!  I’ll be back later this week to tell you alllll about it!  My week is crazy, I fly home on Sunday (after church of course) and then the kids and I fly to Ohio on Tuesday to meet up with Brian and all of our stuff.  It’s been an insane past couple of weeks and I’m excited to have you guys be a part of it all.  Until then, xoxo

Labor Day Sales

You guys — there are CRAZY sales going on this weekend!  Up to %40 off at Nordstrom, Jcrew Factory, Banana Republic, Asos, Old Navy and more.  Thank you Labor Day, thank you.  I’ve scoured the web and found my very favorites in a few different categories.  I’ve actually already purchased a few of these pieces so you’ll be seeing them grace the blog soon I’m sure.  If you’re looking to fill in your fall wardrobe, now’s the time!






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Have a great weekend and make sure you’re following me on Instagram @twistmepretty because next week is FASHION WEEK!!!  I’ll be doing a little hair diary for Tresemme and I’ll be posting all my backstage experiences.  There will be plenty of posts and videos too so… I hope you guys are excited cause I can’t hardly stand it!  MUUUUAH!