Basic Braids

5 Hairstyles For Summer!

June 27, 2018

WHAT’S UP, LOVES!!!  It’s gettin’ HOT here in Utah and I haven’t done a summer hairstyle video yet so that’s what imma be doin’ today!  I’ve rounded up my FIVE favorite summer hairstyles that’ll help you beat the heat and I hope you love them all just as much as I do!! I want to remind you that our Learn How To Braid Challenge starts NEXT WEEK!!!!  I’ve worked SO hard on it and I’m so dang excited to start learning these braids with you!  Because it has been such an intense labor of love, I’m not sure how long this challenge will stay free.  I’ll update you on that but right now it is completely 100% FREE so you have no excuse not to do it with us!!  What it is?  It’s a challenge designed to teach you how to braid.  The first week we’re doing french braids, as that’s your most basic braid.  And each day throughout that week we will practice our skills

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