JCrew Factory – 50% off everything sale!



If there is ever a time to shop at Jcrew Factory — it’s now.  They’re having their 50% off everything sale and I’m DYING over, well everything but especially their tops.  I cheated a little bit with the title because the last two pants are from Nordstrom, but they are also on sale so… sorry.  But not sorry.  Haha!!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy my picks.  If I wasn’t the size of a small house and we didn’t owe so much in freaking taxes (ARRRGGG!!!)  I would literally buy it all.  Have a fabulous Tuesday!


Celebrating Our Differences

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Stripe Clutch: Asos | Floral heels: Seychelles on Amazon (fit true to size and super comfy heel height) | Graphic Tee: c/o Poppy and Dot | Pencil Skirt: c/o Poppy and Dot | Blazer: Similar here and here | Hair Extensions: c/o Laced Hair | Lipstick: Mac All Fired Up | Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington | Bracelet: c/o Stella and Dot | Statement Necklace: Dying over this and this one | Delicate Gold Necklaces: c/o Made by Mary (more details on these amazing necklaces soon!)


I’ve officially made it to 31 weeks!!!  At my dr. appointment today we found out that Baby A is 3.4 pounds and Baby B is 3.8.  They both have strong heart beats and as far as we can tell healthy and happy.  Baby A’s head is down and he’s ready to go and Baby B is breach.  Their arms and legs are facing each other which is why my stomach literally looks like I’ve swallowed a basketball (I guess the fact that I’m 5’2″ isn’t helping me either) and when they start kicking — holy crap!  Just one area of my stomach moves, it’s like whac-a-mole!  I feel very blessed to have had such a healthy pregnancy.  I’m still going to the gym three times a week (1 hour on the elliptical), I’m still able to clean my house and take care of my family.  Just yesterday we went to the zoo and while I was a little nervous for all the walking, it turned out to be a good and much needed adventure.  There are definitely times I need to slow down and sleeping is getting harder, but considering I’m growing two little babies and haven’t had much more than insane fatigue and some hormonal drama at the beginning, I’m calling myself lucky.

I was told the other day by someone who has twins (their first and second and they don’t have any other kids yet) that having twins second is easier, because you have older siblings to play with and entertain the two.  I don’t know why that comment got to me, and I know she probably meant nothing of it but it just got me thinking.  I actually agree with it to some extent… but I’m not sure it’s fair for a mother to tell another that they have it harder or easier.  We all have our struggles and while I won’t be dealing with entertaining my twins like I did with my oldest, I will be dealing with getting my big kids off to school and trying to juggle extracurriculars.  I’m all alone out here in Ohio and that’s been the biggest trial so far, the loneliness and lack of help.  I don’t remember where I heard this but I loved it so much — “Just because you’re drowning at 60 feet doesn’t mean that I’m not drowning at 30″.  We are all doing our best.  And while I’ve never struggled with a rebellious teenager, the loss of a close family member or infertility I do have my own trials that I am very familiar with.  Let’s focus on building each other up, on celebrating our differences and trying to be that light that people look for in dark times.

I absolutely love all of you and your sweet comments and emails have gotten me through some really tuff times.  Thank you for always being there, for listening and for encouraging me along.  I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have you as friends! xoxo


Throwing Rocks at Cars

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^^ Shirt: Asos – Maternity and exact shirt in Non-Maternity | Pants: c/o Motherhood Maternity (best pants EVVVVER) non-maternity favs here | Beanie: Asos | Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington | Bag: c/o Lily Jade | Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor || savy’s boots and coat are from H&M || pictures were taken at 28 weeks


Last Saturday we had a ton of errands to run, and by a ton of errands I mean we had to drive three hours to Ikea and buy more furniture haha!!  Does it evvver end?!  Naturally I dressed very casual in a graphic tee and my dirty chucks.  I need to get those suckers in the wash already!!  Anyway, I woke up early and while the kids were eating breakfast and watching their daily dose of Daniel Tiger I asked Brian if we could just take a few quick pictures out front for the b-log.  Because when momma puts on pants and does her makeup it absolutely needs to be documented!  Oh hi neighbors, I’m just taking more pictures of myself (insert see no evil monkey here)! First off, welcome to my home.  Err… garage!  It was too cold to pour the driveway or level out our yard and do any exterior paniting when we moved in in December so pretty much our landscaping looks suuuper awesome.  I’m acutally growing quite fond of the rocks as our makeshift driveway.  Savy loves collecting them and turning them into little families and just the other day Boston and his new friend were hurling them at cars as they drove by.  When I realized what they were doing I hobbled ran over as fast as I could to scold them, teach them all about how we don’t throw rocks at cars.  At the same time an expensive looking SUV was making a quick U-turn.  Luckily five years olds can’t throw very far and the SUV hadn’t been damaged but the driver wanted my reassurance that it would never happen again. As if I can control anything at this point my kids do haha!

ANYWAY, wow I’m just full of tangents today!  A few minutes into our shoot, little Savy girl came barreling out of the house in her coat and boots and said “Can I take pictures with you momma”!  It really was the sweetest thing.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I’m going to be a good mother to four kids, if it’s even possible.  I’ve decided nothing but a crazy amount of love and patience is going to get me through the next couple of years.  But if I can love them and make them each feel needed and important, everything is going to be okay.  The beautiful thing about children is their ability to forgive.  No matter how many times I mess up as their mom they’re always forgiving me and loving me anyway.  While being a mom is so stressful, it’s the greatest gift I’ve been given.  I feel extremely lucky to have two more little spirits brought into our home!

IMG_7912 IMG_7928

I hope you guys had a fabulous Easter weekend and I’ll see you back here in a day or two.  MUAAAH xoxo!

Thick fishtail braid tutorial


You guys begged and pleaded and emailed and commented and finally drove me crazy enough to make a tutorial on this fishtail braid!  Haha, seriously though.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love going crazy over your emails?  It’s just about the best kind of crazy a girl can get!  Anyway, this braid is nothing new or fancy which is why I never thought to make a tutorial for it.  But alas, you must know how to dutch fishtail braid and so if you don’t, this video is for you!  Follow the jump for the tutorial

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Spring Favorites



Boyfriend Blazer | White Jeans | Distressed Jeans | High Low Top | Floral Tee | Coral Slouchy Tee | Striped Linen Tee | Colored Crossbody Bag | Grey Converse | Ankle Cuff Wedge | Sunglasses

Because spring is here for most of you and hopefully, fingers crossed, right around the corner for me – I thought I’d put together a little mood board of my favorite items at Nordstrom right now.  Pretty much the only places I shop these days are Nordstrom, Amazon and Asos because they offer free return shipping.  There’s nothing worse than buying things online, (because what human has time to actually shop in stores, let alone a human with two tiny humans who cause serious stress and two humans currently growing in her belly) finding they don’t fit and having to either pay for return shipping or drive to the store to return them.  Ugh.  Nothing worse.  Okay, I can think of like 100 things that are worse, but it’s still annoying.  All these items are from Nordstrom, decently priced, and essential for Spring.

Two jeans, one blazer, one light sweatshirt, two slouchy tees, some converse (because those are a must and I’ve been eyeing the grey color) some sunnies, a bright bag and some wedge sandals.  Now you are set for ever with like… 25 different outfit possibilities!  Who is good at math?  I’m sure it’s not 25 but there are a ton of variations here people!

Alright, now I’m going to go feel bad for myself because I can’t wear any of these items and pound the mini chocolate eggs!  Naturally :)