Holiday Giveaway Winner


What?  I’m alive?!  I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA.  After moving 9 times in 7 years you think I’d have this whole packing/unpacking thing down but every time it just takes a little bit longer.  Also, I haven’t been able to connect to the internet in SEVEN days!!  Do you know how hard it is to be offline that long?  It’s hard.  I’ve even cheated on my phone and it’s still hard!  Anyway, just wanted you to all know I’m alive and well and we are almost finished unpacking so things should get back to normal hopefully soon.  Thanks for checkin’ in on me!

This past week I had the pleasure of hosting a $1000 cash giveaway on instagram with a few of my dear friends.  If you’re looking to stalk a few new sites these are gorgeous girls with tons of inspiration that come highly recommended from yours truly:  Eleni from Convey the Moment, Sarah from Love Sarah Schneider, Andee from Andee Layne, Nichole from Vanilla Extract, Taylor from Little Blonde Book, Mckenna from Mckenna Bleu, Meagan from Living Boldly, and Cathy from Poor Little It Girl.  The giveaway was a blast and my heart is incredibly full.  The support and excitement was amazing, thank you to everyone who entered.

We’ve finally picked a winner!  drrruuuuuum rooolllll…… Kierra Irvine (@kierrai)!!!  Girl, you just won $1000!!!  Please email elenimcmullin (@) gmail (dot) com to claim your prize.  Hope all your holidays are merry and bright!

Ferrum Professional Styler Giveaway

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The past couple of months I’ve been using the Ferrum Styler to straighten and curl my hair.  I think we can all agree that heat styling is just about one of the most damaging things you can do to your hair.  It’s also one of the surest ways to get the style you’re looking for – whether you want silky straight hair or loose tousled curls, heat’s usually the fastest and easiest way to do it.

The Ferrum Professional Styler from Ladies & Gents looks like a regular straightener, but if you look close, you’ll find that one of the plates is covered in fabric.  So you have a tourmaline coated ceramic plate on one side and a non-heated, static-free fabric pad on the other side.  The padding acts as a heat buffer and gives your hair that added protection from the direct heat.  Using the two different plates, the heat passes through the hair and leaves it looking shinier and healthier.

So instead of bypassing the heated tools and sacrificing the hairstyles you want, you can feel confident that you’re hair is being taken care of with the Ferrum Styler!  Today Ladies & Gents is giving away TWO Ferrum Stylers to two Twist Me Pretty Readers!!  YAY!

You simply need to follow Ferrum Professional Styler on Facebook and follow Twist Me Pretty on Twitter.  I will be verifying that the winners have indeed followed us both so don’t just click that you’ve done it in the Rafflecopter!

Additionally, Ferrum Professional Styler is offering 10% off your purchase.  The code is FerrumTMP

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The giveaway will close the 16th at 12:00 am.  Open to US residents only.  This post was sponsored by Ferrum Professional Styler but all opinions, as always, are my own.  

Day to Night Hairstyles


Having a few transitional hairstyles are a must this holiday season.  They’re a huge time saver and come in handy during the busy busy holiday season where there are errands to run during the day and plenty of parties and events to go to at night.  This day to night hairstyle is made with your very basic french braid and if you’re looking for something simple, something that’ll fix a bad hair day, and something that’ll turn heads this is the style for you!  Follow the jump for more pictures, the video tutorial and step by step instructions!

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9 Holiday Hairstyles

holiday hairstyles


I don’t know about you but my December is full of Christmas parties.  Family parties, church parties, work parties… I swear there’s something going on every weekend!  It seems that for every special event I’m always either in a rush to get ready, or have no inspiration when it comes to styling my hair.  So, mostly to help me, but hopefully it helps you too, I’ve round up a bunch of my favorite holiday hairstyles that are perfect for your special events this season.  None of these are incredibly hard or challenging and the only one that might take some time is the fishtail up-do.  Follow the jump for all the links and I hope you guys are enjoying the happy Christmas spirit in the air!

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Because two is better than one!


It’s okay, I didn’t believe it either.  I’m not sure I believe it now!  We’ve been praying for a new little spirit to join our family for a long time now.  I had a heartbreaking miscarriage back in June and I think when we got pregnant again and that little baby realized what was happening, he/she with all the attitude a spirit could muster was like, “no way – I’m going too”!  At least that’s what I like to believe.  So not one, but two new Smith babies will join our family this Spring.


The kids are so excited and they love telling people “My mom has TWO babies in her belly”!  They tell everyone from the cashier at Walmart to the lady who works the register at Wendy’s.  I’m so grateful they’re best friends.  Boston is the sweetest brother to his baby Sav.  He’s adored her from the moment she came home from the hospital and has never been jealous of the attention we give her.  They’re fiercely loyal to one another and I’m grateful that they’ll have each other when the twins (so weird to say that) are babies and I’m a walking zombie.


This right here ^^ is what our love story looks like.  He’s the reason why I know everything will be okay.  He’s the reason why our family is put together and why we’re all so happy.  He sacrifices everyday to make us better, to give us more and I couldn’t live without him.  It’s been pretty much impossible to wrap my brain around having two babies at once.  I’m honestly not sure how people survive it.  I’m absolutely terrified of being out here in Ohio nearly 2,000 miles away from my family and almost 9,000 miles away from my mom.  I can’t even think about it.  But I do know that we’ll survive it.  Just like we survived being super poor college students, just like we survived two kids, grad school, a huge move and all the other little experiences and trials in between.  God is good.  It’s taken me some time to be more excited than scared about what’s about to happen to our family but man, are we excited!  Having two little babies to laugh with, to play with, to get up with and to love is going to be amazing.  There was an overwhelming response to the announcement on instagram this past weekend and I’m so grateful to have you guys in my life.  I hope you are just as excited as I am to start this crazy journey!