Mommy/Daughter Shenanigans


 Last night it hit me… and guys, it hit me hard.  My little Savy girl is growing up.  Chances are high she’ll be my only girl and even if we can convince Brian to try for a sassy little sister in the future, one thing is for certain.  There will never be another Savy.  And so before she grows all up and I can’t force her to wear matching outfits, I’ve decided to share more of this space on the blog with her!

We planned a little trip to the nursery on Saturday because I have a few new planters to fill (just bought these here) and I took her along as my +1.  Can I just say, taking pictures with her is SO much more fun than doing them alone!  It’s like a planned out mommy-daughter-date where we don’t have to share each other with any annoying little brothers and let me tell ya, when she’s the center of attention she’s like a dream child ha ha!  So welcome my little side kick, my partner in crime, my mini-me, my reason for waking up in the morning — Savy Jane everyone!  


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4 strand braid tutorial


Let me introduce you to the 4 strand braid.  This was actually one of the VERY first tutorials I ever did… nearly 5 years ago!!!!  What?!  Have I really been doing this that long?  It was sooooo bad though!!!  I just watched it with Brian and we were seriously laughing so hard.  My camera was terrible, it was even before phones took decent videos, and it gave me this awful lisp!  I will say, I miss my thick thick hair.  Extensions weren’t even a thing back then so that was alllll mine.  That’s what kids will do to you I guess, wah wah.  Worth it, but I sure miss it!  Here‘s the unlisted video if you want to check it out ha ha!

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Real Life…


I can’t tell you how obsessed I am with this outfit right now.  It’s the comfiest + totally modest.  You know I’m weird about my sleeves, I like them extra long and these ones are perfect!!  These midi-length dresses can sometimes be a little awkward, but a trick I’ve been doing for years, especially with maxi dresses, is knotting a chunk of fabric in the front.  I have the shortest legs EVER so this trick comes in handy quite often.  My friend kailee just styled an anthro dress by knotting hers in the center and it’s way cute!  Just to give you a couple ideas of how to knot them.  Anyway, if you’ve ever been turned off by the midi/maxi length because it makes you feel frumpy, try tying a knot in the fabric!!

Midi Dress: Old Navy UNDER $30 + if you’re an Old Navy/ Gap card holder you get an extra 40% off!! | Sandals: c/o Rack Room Shoes (these run large, I’m usually a size 7 and the 6.5 fit me perfectly!) | Denim Jacket: LOVE LOVE this one!!! I’ve been looking everywhere for a new one that wasn’t stiff and this one is perfect! Definitely worth the splurge |  Similar bag here | Nail polish: Beach Side Babe | Panama Hat | Similar tote here and here | Ray-Ban’s | Bracelet Watch | Pavé Ring | Pendant Necklace | M·A·C Lipstick in Lustering | Necklace: c/o Bip and Bop

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Having your cake and eating it to…


If you follow me on snapchat you know that I’m either all dolled up or I’m a total homeless person.  There’s no in between! I’m sorry but I just don’t think it’s possible to have a happy house and kids + time to work out and make healthy food for the fam + time to shower and get all dolled up.  You just can’t have your cake and eat it to am I right?!  So the days I shower and get ready are the days that I don’t make dinner and the house is a total mess.  I’m talking clean laundry just thrown all over the hallway floor because the kids were looking for that one special shirt in the bottom of their basket.  If there’s a secret and I’m just totally clueless, please let me know.  I have a feeling that I’m just normal… right?  I’m normal?  haha!  Well I’m definitely not normal but you know what I mean!!! 

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Laced Braid Updo


Today’s little laced braid tutorial is one of my favorites, it’s super easy + very versatile.  Wear it with some booties and skinny jeans or dress it up with some statement earrings and pumps. I love the lace braid technique and I use it in this tutorial here and this one here.  I just think it lays so pretty and looks so unique!  What do you guys think of this style?  

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