Frozen and Ninja Turtle Birthday Cake


My kids have birthdays in the same week and naturally we celebrate them with family and friends on the same day.  I wanted to give my kids each a cake that they would love separately but I wasn’t making more than one – ain’t nobody got time for that!  So I scoured Pinterest (duh) and found a few different cakes I was inspired by and thought looked easy enough and came up with this.  I’m super proud.  It turned out more amazing than I had in my mind and when that happens it’s a total win!  Behold, the Frozen and Ninja Turtle Birthday Cake –

The Frozen Side:



The Ninja Turtle Side:



I’m not going to get deep into a tutorial, if there’s an overwhelming response though I’ll be happy to dive in!  For now though, I’ll just give you a few basics to get you started.  I used these recipes for the cakes and buttercream and this tutorial and recipe for the fondant.  If you’ve never made fondant before it’s not as scary as it looks but be prepared to mess up a recipe or two before you get the texture perfect.  And if you hate fondant it’s most likely because you’ve never had home made.  I promise you — it’s the most delicious thing on earth!

I used the Wilton food coloring gels for the dark blue and green on the TMNT side and the light blue on the Frozen side.  The 3 bottom cakes are 9″ and I wrapped the whole cake with the blue fondant and the top 3 cakes are 6″ and I wrapped them with white.  I think I ended up making two and half batches of fondant but I could be wrong.  Make sure to read the bottom of this post if you need more info on how to freeze cakes and layer the cakes so they don’t fall in on each other!  For the Frozen Cake I used this snowflake cutter and this Frozen play set from Amazon for the Anna and Elsa figures.  I used this tutorial for the candy ice topper (one of my favorite parts!) and let me explain the strips of blue real fast.  You’ll need to make your fondant and then either make or buy some gum paste from Michael’s.  You’ll use 50/50 gum paste and fondant, roll it out, cut the strips out how you want and then let them harden over night.  Then you can put them on your cake in the morning!  For the TMNT Cake I used this Leonardo Action Figure and the black buildings and red brick are sugar paper I got from Michaels.  Sugar paper is incredibly easy to use which is why I opted for that over fondant.  I pasted it all onto the cakes using buttercream.  The little white stars are just white sprinkle beads you can find in the baking section at your grocery store.  Oh, and the cake stand is from Target!  I thiiiiink that sums it up!  Let me know if you have any other questions!!

TMNT Cookies:


Boston needed to bring treats to class for his birthday so I found this tutorial on Pinterest and thought they looked easy enough.  Sunday night we spent a couple hours putting them together and honestly had so much fun.  I let him put on the initial layer of green frosting so he felt needed and involved and then he’d pass the cookie over to me, I’d fix it up a bit and cut the airheads to fit.  We used a home made sugar cookie recipe, this buttercream recipe and we got the candy eyes at Target!  Suuuper easy and fun!  The kids in his class loved them!


Happy Birthday! Now stop growing.


Grandma Jack and Pop came to visit and so did Brian’s sister and brother-in-law and their kids.  We had SO much fun spending time with family.  I honestly forgot how much my kids adored their grandma and pop and having them and their cousins here was straight up good for the soul.  We played sardines for hours in our house and I couldn’t believe how good my kids were at hiding!  I didn’t take many pictures after they got here, I wanted to spend time with them and not behind a camera, but I did get a few shots I thought I’d share to commemorate their birthdays!


The kids’ birthday weekend started off with the most amazing Christmas like Birthday morning ever.  I mean… how can a house not just oooze in happiness when there are two gorgeous, and lighted might I add, teepees full of birthday presents?  The answer is it can’t.  It was amazing.  And I’m pretty sure Brian and I now need a teepee for ourselves!  You can find the black and white teepee here and the natural arrow teepee here.  They are both from the Tnee’s Tpees and I ended up getting the six footers.  I spent hours and hours trying to decide what size I wanted and ultimately I felt like splurging on the bigger size was going to be worth it.  And it definitely was.  My kids are three and five and if the teepees had been any smaller, I’m not sure how much they would have ended up playing in them.  This way we can turn the teepees facing each other and they can go back and forth from Savy’s to Boston’s or they can both play in one with enough room to spare.  Plus they make me happy seeing them in our living room and they hide toys flawlessly.  Win win!

Decorations: Dream Catcher | Tassel Garland Tutorial | similar Sheepskin Rugs (I got mine at Home Goods for $50 each.  I debated on getting the cheaper fake ones but these are so soft and I know they’re going to last through massive amounts of abuse and photoshoots.  Plus they don’t shed.  If you can’t afford to splurge right now here are some cheaper ones I’d get!) | White Lights | Burlap Banner – just cut triangles out of burlap from target and hot glued twine to the backs.

3 4

^^ almost a month later and she’s still entirely obsessed with this hello kitty airplane set.  Thanks gma Jack!


^^ He CRACKS me up.  The passion in his tiny little body is out of this world.  I got him these Alphabet Transformer Letters that he plays with at the library and I knew he was going to freak out when he opened them.  He’ll sit for hours and just transform them in his tent.  Best present evvver!

IMG_2350-Edit^^ her birthday crown (still available from Wynne Marie Ink) she got when she was little.  Best tradition ever – she looks forward to wearing it all year!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for ya!  I’m sad our family has left but it’ll just make it that much more special when they come out again when the twins are born.  Plus hosting is a little bit stressful… cleaning, grocery store trips, meal prep, baking… speaking of baking.  I’m dishing this tomorrow:


The half frozen half TMNT cake!  It only took me a thousand hours but it was totally worth it in the end!  Until tomorrow, happy Friday!

Stripes and Plaid, an outfit for travel


Striped Sweater: Asos | Jeans: Asos Maternity | Booties: Target old, similar here and here | Diaper Bag: c/o Lily Jade | Plaid Button Up: c/o Novae Clothing sold out, similar here and here


I am soooo excited.  Like, could barely sleep last night excited.  Today we are headed to Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky!  The kids have been cooped up this entire winter and we just felt like a family trip needed to happen before the twins turn our family of four into a family of six.  I honestly can’t wait to meet these two little babies but I’m a little sad to say goodbye to this chapter of our lives.  My kids are fairly independent at this point and we’ve all enjoyed being able to just take off and go.  Babies are definitely going to change things.  I know they’re going to make it so much better and it’s going to be amazing, it’s just hard to imagine.  Will my big kids still feel important and loved with all our energy focused on the twins?  Will I be just as good of a mom to four as I am to two?  So many questions and unknowns, it’s all a little overwhelming.

ANYWAY.  So yes.  A trip.  We decided to take a trip haha!!!  I thought I’d quickly post my travel outfit for ya because there’s nothing more comfortable than a soft sweater and a flannel shirt tied around your waist.  And this bag?  You guys.  This bag.  I have the brown and black one and they are MY FAVORITE.  It goes with me everywhere and even though it’s a diaper bag, it’s also a travel bag and it’s perfect for when I don’t have my kids because it doesn’t look like a diaper bag.  It’s just a classic, beautiful bag.  I love it.

Alright, well a waterpark awaits me so I must be off.  Make sure you’re following me on instagram @twistmepretty to stay updated!