$19 Curling Wands

I literally JUST got this email from Nume telling me about this awesome awesome deal. They’ve gone straight up crazy — $19 for a $139 wand is NUTS!! I’ve NEVER seen this good of a deal before and I wanted to pop in real quick and let you guys know about it before it ends on Sunday or until supplies last, and they’re going fast. You’ll need to click here to unlock the code and it should automatically give you the discount but in case it doesn’t, enter the code BFWANDS.  Now shout it on the rooftops and tell all your friends because this doesn’t come around everyday!!!


Now aren’t you glad we’re friends? I got yo back!  ^^ this is an instagram deal.  I’m not even sure I’m supposed to be sharing it here but… oh well.  That’s how much I love you :)

OH!  And PS.  I use the 25mm size for EVERYTHING.  Everything.

Casual Vibes









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Brian has been out of town since Sunday night.  Thank goodness my parents have been in town.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have survived the four kids by myself for five straight nights.  Let’s pray his boss shows pity on me and doesn’t make him travel ever ever again – HA ya right.  Might as well pull the bandaid off now.  While he’s been gone we’ve been organizing my laundry room and kitchen… and garage and bathrooms.  Pretty much my entire house.  And when I say we I mean my mom.  Because lets be honest, when your mom comes to town you put her to work haha!!  She’s fabulous.  She also has the most fabulous bags including this one I stole from her just for these pictures.  I’m not sure if you can truly love an object, but if you could… I’d love this one.  It’s perfect.  And on saaaaaale!  If you don’t have kids and you get to actually wear pretty bags out and about, please buy this for yourself and then remember me while wearing it?  Mmk thanks.  Don’t forget to shop the Nordstroms Anniversary Sale this weekend, it ends on Monday!  Have a great weekend friends!


Cool Tones and Fringe





7^^ Necklaces from Made By Mary


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I’ve been staring at the keyboard now for five minutes…  There’s so many things I want to say and yet I can’t seem to articulate any of it.  I wonder if it’s from a severe lack of sleep or because carrying those two babies made me actually lose brain cells.  We had a fence put up today and the owner was asking me where I was from and then all about Utah.  I seriously couldn’t find any of the words I was looking for and it was so frustrating!  I feel stupid.  All the time.  When you’re on a date and you tell your husband you need to use the potty… it’s like, really?!  Do you even remember how to be an adult anymore?!  Tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way?!  I swear I graduated college.  There was a time I knew how to form a complete sentence using big girl words but I’m coming to accept the fact that… wait, what was I talking about?  Haaahaha fo real yo.  I’m a mess!!

At any rate you need this outfit in your life because it’s perfect and it makes your disheveled self feel put together.  The flats?  They’re like walking on clouds.  And this tunic hides all your baby weight so that makes you happy.  And when you’re happy you’re more likely to be the nicest mom in the world.  And when you’re the nicest mom in the world the kids are perfect and there are no tantrums and your husband comes home to a clean house and dinner on the table.  I’m telling you, it’s the magical outfit.  Now if only it could make me remember how to speak to adults using big girl words…

haha oh my.  I’ll try harder tomorrow! xoxo

Scalloped Edges and Baby Wearing

2ring sling: c/o wild bird











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First off, I feel really weird only posting pictures of one baby haha!  This little one is Cooper (isn’t he the sweetest?) although I’m typically wearing Kai.  He’s the… how shall I say this… needier of the two!  He just wants to eat and be held all day.  I swear, getting them on a schedule is going to be the absolute death of me.  Do you wear your babies?  I switch back and forth between wraps and slings and at first I haaated everything.  Then out of straight up necessity I spent one night and just watched all the baby wearing tutorials.  Once I learned how to correctly wear my babies, that’s when the game changed for me.

Anyway, I hope to be posting more regularly on the blog… you know, in all my spare time HA! But seriously, my fingers have been aching for the keyboard and it’s just good for my soul to do something for myself in the midst of it all.


Hospital Video, new vlogging channel!

Hey guys!  Sorry it’s been forever and a day!  If you follow me on instagram @twistmepretty you know we took an impromptu trip to Utah and we’re just getting back into the swing of things…  Which isn’t saying much because it’s pretty much chaos at all times!!  The boys are at least starting to sleep a tiny bit better which is good!  I’ve had this video finished for weeks and I kept meaning to add a few more things here at there.  I’ve finally come to the realization that it’s just not gonna happen and so I’m just uploading it and calling it a day!  This is something very different from what I’m used to and because it’s so different than the beauty videos I produce I thought my little family and I would start a new vlogging channel.  If you’re interested in watching our videos, I’d hope you’d subscribe to the new channel!!

I hope you enjoy!