Golfing with the Family



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Shirt: c/o Olive Lane Shop | Pants: ae | Shoes: Chucks

Three things.

1) My form is awesome… and by awesome… I mean I am TERRIBLE at golf.  I know I know, cock the wrist, straighten out the elbow, keep the foot down, bend in the hips… well guess what.  My outfit is pretty cute so… there’s that haha!

2) Boston’s little boy clubs are just about the cutest things I’ve ever seen.  And then when he straps the bag over his shoulders I just about die.  He is obsessed with golf lately, wanting to go hit balls with daddy every day.  Those two, I swear.

3) Savy is still very much a two year old and we use phones and treats and more specifically hello kitty sippies to entertain her.  She wouldn’t play with anything but a pink club so Brian had to spray paint and duck tape an old toddler club to satisfy her.  She’s a feisty little thing but happy to play along.

While golfing isn’t my sport, I love spending time with family.  We are definitely soaking up these last few weekends together because soon enough we’ll be over 1,800 miles apart.  I’m not quite sure I really understand what that means yet, but we’ll embrace the change and make the best of it!

Color Blocked

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Dress: Target (sold out) | Sandals (On Sale!!): c/o Sole Society | Necklace: Soel Boutique | Purse: Old | Lipstick: Vibrant Mandarin > colors here

Casual dresses and stretchy skirts have literally saved me this summer.  I love pairing a flowy dress with some cute wedges or a stretchy pencil skirt with a graphic tee and a side braid.  I found this particular dress on clearance at Target.  It’s actually a sleeveless dress but looks great with a black tee underneath because of the black neck lining.  I love when I find cute dresses that I can make modest without anyone knowing I’ve added to it :)

Where do you find your favorite dresses?  Lately I’ve been shopping at ASOS.  I feel like they have the best selection of affordable and modest dresses.  These are just a few of my favorites:

dresses1| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

The second one is maternity but I feel like it’d still be super cute on a non-prego body and it’d make the dress longer.  And the fourth one would be so cute with a graphic tee worn over the top and tied in a knot on the side!

While I’m annoyed with the sweltering heat here in UTah, I’m a little sad summer is coming to a close.  We move in less than a month!  We still have no idea where we’re living but I’m excited to start this next chapter.  Ohio… who would have ever thought?!


In Celebration of Beauty Makers

Most of you know I’m not a licensed hairstylist.  I dreamed of going to cosmetology school when I was younger but felt a little pressured to pursue a more traditional course.  While I’ll never be “behind the chair” I feel so lucky to have found a space to express myself creatively.  This blog allows me to play in the beauty industry, while being a stay at home mom, and it also provides me with the opportunity to teach women around the world how to feel more beautiful.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately on my life and what type of mark I want leave on the world.  I happened upon this video and it’s absolutely adorable.  It’s of a girl creating beauty everywhere she goes.  It’s intended to celebrate stylists, but I feel like it’s applicable to the every day girl, one who dreams of working in the beauty industry or not.

If for some reason the embeded video isn’t working, you can view it here too.

And the Beauty Grew All Around.  Isn’t it sweet?  One girl, changing the lives of others, making the world a better place everywhere she goes.  It just inspires me to be a better person.  To be kinder, to be more understanding.  More aware of creating beauty where I go.  Beauty can grow all around us.  For this girl, her dream and her passion was to create beauty through hair.  Your dream might be something completely different but the message is still the same.  What mark do you want to leave on the world?  Where are leaving beauty and how?

Regency Beauty and Refinery 29 are giving away a customized VIP beauty treatment worth over $2,000!  They are celebrating beauty makers everywhere.  I create beauty through sharing hairstyle inspiration.  I also create beauty through my children and through having a happy home.  To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is take a picture of yourself creating beauty.  I’m challenging all my readers to tryout this hairstyle below and post a picture of the finished look on instagram.  Tag me @twistmepretty and use the hashtag #sharebeautycontest.  And that’s it!  All hashtagged images will be entered to win and we can start spreading our beauty and noticing those around us who share theirs so well.  For more information, all the details are here!

braids for medium length hair2realbraids for medium length hair braids for medium length hair

Necklace: c/o White Plum | Shirt: Forever 21 (crop top to wear with high waisted skirts)

Short hair or long, you can all try out this hairstyle!  Take a photo of yourself, I’d love to see how you were inspired and how you’re sharing your beauty.  Remember, #sharebeautycontest and tag me so I can make sure to see it!

Step by steps:

Start this style off with some texture.  I haven’t washed my hair in a few days and these are day old curls.  If you have clean or fine hair, I really like this texturizing spray, or this dry shampoo.  Either will add grit to the hair.

1/ Gather a section of hair on one side from the ears up and put it into a three strand braid
2/ Secure with a duck bill clip at the back of the head
3/ Take a small section of hair directly below the first braid and braid another section back, securing with duck bill clip
4/ Repeat on the other side
5/ Holding the two braids on the left in one hand, and the two braids on the right in the other, gather a third section from the middle crown of the head
6/ Make a regular three strand braid with the three sections, tie off with a clear elastic
7/ Spray with finishing spray

And if those step by step instructions made no sense at all, here’s a video for ya.  Enjoy!

3 Buildable Summer Hairstyles

summer hairstyles

I’m in love with build-able hair styles right now.  I think I invented the term as far as defining hairstyles go, so if you weren’t around for our fishtail series and are confused with what a build-able style is… it’s basically a number of hairstyles that build upon each other.  To get to the second hairstyle, you’ve gotta complete the first sort of thing.  Make sense?!  I really love build-able hairstyles because there are many times I’ve started my day wanting my hair down.  And by the end of it I’ve gotta have it up.  Either it’s just too hot outside or I’m too active with my kids and my hair is driving me insane hanging down on my shoulders.  I love build-able hairstyles because they quickly transition a down style to an upstyle with just a few extra steps.

These topsy tail hairstyles are perfect for summer.  Easy.  SO easy.  Quick.  Cute.  Wind proof :)

If you’re at the beach and you want to start out with a down style while your hair is dry, start with style #1.  Then as the day progresses, the hotter you get or if your hair gets wet and crazy like, throw it into a pony or bun.  Done and done.  What do you guys think?  Quick transition from down to up.  Love it.  I’m telling you, build able hairstyles.  They’re the next big thing… and I’m totally taking credit for them hahaha!!


Quick Steps:: Start by sectioning off hair from the temples up.  Secure with a clear elastic in the back and put into topsytail.  Clip tail up and gather another section of hair from the ears up.  Secure with clear elastic.  Reach through as if starting a topsy tail and pull the tail up in a clip into the hole.  Finish off second topsytail.


Quick steps:: Clip up tails and secure the remaining hair into a ponytail with a clear elastic.  Reach from underneath and pull the tails through, right above clear elastic.  Leaving the tails down, secure that last ponytail into a topsytail.


Quick Steps:: But the ponytail into a messy bun!

And of course, a video.  This video was taken before I chopped my hair, and we are finally back from our vacations so I’m going to be filming short hairstyles from here on out… mostly.  I still have a few long hair tutorials saved in the reserves!  Enjoy!

Utah Style Icon Awards

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Shop the Post:

This whole blogging journey has been an unexpected dream.  It started off as a space to fill Boston’s naptime and nothing more.  I actually didn’t even know what a blog was until I started one.  I saw a Twix commercial and the word blogging was used.  I googled it and thought it looked cool haha!  Like most things in life, I learned as I went.  Other than my good friends google and youtube, I didn’t have anyone helping me.  I worked hard and I fought through those moments where it seemed like no one was listening.

Blogging has given the opportunity to provide for my family while my husband’s been in school.  It’s given me the great pleasure of helping women feel more confident about themselves.  I feel like I’m making a difference, like I’m inspiring people to be better and feel better about themselves.  Blogging has turned me into a photographer, a natural light lover, an author, a model, a photoshop pro and so much more.  I now see the world with a creative pair of eyes and it’s given me the chance to express myself.  I feel extremely lucky and blessed to have so many friends around the world to connect with and learn from.

The night of the Utah Style Icon Awards was amazing.  It really made me appreciate how far I’ve come since I started this blog three years ago.  I attended it with two of my best friends, Leanne from Elle Apparel, and Alycia from Crowley Party.  We were pampered with gold facials, able to dress up like princesses and ride in chariots of gold glitter.  We ate the MOST delicious pastries and had the greatest and most hilarious conversations with new friends.  The entire night was full of surprises — including me winning the award and coveted flower tiara.  It’s nights like that that make you so incredibly thankful for everyone who has believed in you.

I just wanted to say thank you for giving me this experience, for letting me be a part of your life and for loving me just as I am.