I love/hate Nordstrom.

July 15, 2016

Well I have a love/hate relationship with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Ugh it’s so good and so annoying.  Everyone is talking about it and sharing their favorites and I have all this built up energy cause I want ALL OF THE THINGS!!!  But lets get real for a second… I still can’t afford half the crap that’s “on sale”.  A $600 bag that’s now $300!  YES!  Psych.  I could feed my family for weeks on $300 bucks ha ha!!!  So this is more of a budget friendly round up… most products are under $100, even under $50.  And please, don’t buy ALL of the jackets.  But find the one that you think you’ll wear most and get it!  But all in moderation my friends, all in moderation. Green Bomber Jacket | Heather Grey Cardigan | Faux Leather Jacket | Cotton Blazer | Anorak Jacket | Peacoat All of these jackets are very neutral and can be worn a million different ways.  I don’t have a bomber

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