Black Friday Steals

THE PICTURE IS CLICKABLE!!!! You don’t know how exciting this is for me haha!  You want to see more on the stroller? CLICK IT! Bam. So awesome ha! Anyway, all these are on CRAZY sale – obvs, it’s black friday! A few things I have and love and a couple others are in my shopping cart right now. Hope you guys are having a fabulous weekend!

1) 12 piece set oxo $299 retails $399.  We’ve been using the same pots and pans for eight years and there are literally black flakes in most of our food.  I’m loving this set from Amazon!
2) Wireless Headphones $24.95 retails $99.  I snagged an apple watch from Target and have been looking for some wireless headphones so I can be more efficient at the gym.
3) Stilt Jeans $101.24 retails $225.  These are quite literally the best jeans you will ever put on our body.  $100 is still expensive but I’m telling you – THEY’RE WORTH IT!
4) Striped tee $8 retail $18.  The perfect striped tee.
5) City Select Stroller $499 retails $669.  My favorite stroller, y’all know this!
6) Blendtec $379 retails $499.  I have the stainless steal one and we literally use it everyday.
7) Kate Spade Sunglasses $105 retails $150
8) Granite Bootie $59 retails $79.  These are extremely comfy and the perfect color.  Much cheaper than the Sam Edelman ones I’ve been eying!
10) Chambray Shirt $34 retails $68.  My FAVORITE chambray shirt.  Ever.
11) Anorak $149 retails $228.  This is so so warm!  I’ve only worn it a couple times because it’s been so warm but it’s super cute on!
12) canon rebel $599 retails $799.  This is the camera I use and I’m finally upgrading to this one, I’m so excited!
13) 50mm 1.4 lens $329 retails $399.  This is one of my favorite lens’! Worth the splurge, the 1.8 was always blurry for me.
14) Initial pendent necklace $40 retails $58
15) Bucket Bag with Tassels $54 retails $108.  I’ve had this for a few weeks and it goes with everything!










Remember, you can get 25% off everything on the HOLIDAY PAGE with the code TWISTME25. The individual links below though will apply a cheaper coupon when you checkout through the weekend until cyber Monday!



Retails $139

Click here to unlock the Classic Wand codes!! (add to cart to see price adjust)



Retails $149

Click here to unlock the Magic Wand codes!! (add to cart to see price adjust)



Retails $199

Click here to unlock the Titan 3 codes!! (add to cart to see price adjust)



Retails $139

Click here to unlock the Silhouette codes!! (add to cart to see price adjust)



Retails $169

Click here to unlock the MegaStar codes!! (add to cart to see price adjust)



Retails $199

Click here to unlock the Curl Jam codes!! (add to cart to see price adjust)




Click here to unlock the Lustrum codes!! (add to cart to see price adjust)


poppRetails $159

The power couple is $63 when you click here (add to cart to see price adjust)


There are some really great Holiday sets in the Holiday Collection that I think you guys will love.  TWISTME25 will get you 25% off on top of the current sales so make sure to check them out!  Because the Classic Wand is such a good deal they’re only allowing one per customer.  If you want to buy a few as gifts for Christmas don’t worry, just make multiple orders.  And don’t be surprised that shipping is $12!  Their standard shipping has ALWAYS been $12.  There’s no way around it.  So while it does increase the price a bit just know that it’s still way cheaper than the retail prices — this is the cheapest you’ll ever find these tools!!! Mmk, if you have any questions let me know!!!  LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Gap + Old Navy Sales!

Hey mamas!  Gap is having a 50% off sale sitewide with the code EARLY and Old Navy is 40% with the code EARLYBIRD.  I just wanted to share a few of the things I’ve been wearing non-stop and a couple things I just bought (3, 6 and 7).  The elephant t’s — I bought all of them in a large and I’m so in love.  They’re the most perfect comfy tee EVVER!  I know there are a billion holiday guides floating around but I just wanted to add my two cents!collageMarled Baseball Sweater | Relaxed Boyfriend Button Up | Wrap Sweater | Jeans | Red Buffalo | Black Dress | Graphic Tee | Joggers

Wand Questions + Black Friday Sale!

THE LINKS ARE NOW WORKING!!! (so sorry ’bout that!) **UPDATE** Nume is giving Twist Me Pretty an exclusive code to purchase the classic wand at the black friday sale price TODAY!!  Click here and add it to your cart to see the price — eeeeeek!!!!


I’m sooo excited for this weekend!!  When I found out what the Nume Black Friday deals were I knew I had to make a quick video to address some commonly asked questions.  I want to make sure you’re totally ready and prepped for when the sale hits and I also want to make sure none of you miss out because there isn’t going to be a cheaper time to buy!!

If you’re unable to watch the video for some reason or you already know what tool you want to buy, make sure to come back to the blog Thursday night or Friday and click on the links to unlock the codes.  These deals won’t be widely available on their site so come back and click the links.  After you put the tool into your cart, the price will adjust.  I’d go for the 25mm Classic because it’s just the most versatile wand that keeps curl the longest.  I love the look of the 32mm barrel but my hair falls flat quickly and I can’t reuse the curls for the next day!  LOVE YOUR GUTS and be excited for Friday!!!


**UPDATE** Nume is giving Twist Me Pretty an exclusive code to purchase the classic wand at the black friday sale price TODAY!!  Click here and add it to your cart to see the price — eeeeeek!!!!


Outfit details :: top (50% off!!!) | Lipstick (russian red)

the perfect jeans

IMG_9556 IMG_9575



Quilted Vest | Windowpane Flannel | Distressed Jeans |  Mini Bucket Bag | Cable Knit Beanie | Boots | Jewelry

I finally bought myself a new pair of jeans… I’ve been holding out until I lose the last 15 pounds but… if I’m being honest with myself that could be awhile!!  They are like THE perfect mom jeans because they’re super stretchy and feel like leggings and while I wouldn’t call them high rise, they’re definitely higher than most of my jeans so they’re a realistic choice when chasing around kids.  Everything at Gap and Old Navy right now is 35-40% off… I feel like over Black Friday and through the weekend they’ll have a better sale so just keep an eye out for them!!

I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving and tomorrow I’ll be answering all your questions about the Nume wands because the Black Friday deals are going to blow. your. mind.  And I want you guys to be prepared for when you’re shopping around.  Mmk, love you!