Twisted Chignon | Day 30

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wedding hairstyles

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DAY THIRTY!!!!  I seriously cannot believe it’s here!  Ending this challenge is so bitter sweet for me.  I’ve loved connecting with so many new friends and having something new to share everyday, but I’m not gonna lie… this has been stinkin’ HARD!!!  I’m ready for a nice long nap.  And an entire bag of Cadbury Eggs haha!  I really hope you’ve enjoyed following along in the 30|30 challenge and I hope you come back to visit often!  Thank you so much for taking pictures of your inspired hairstyles, I’ve loved seeing you beautiful girls on my Instagram feed.  For the last day I chose this elegant twisted chignon.  It’s a quick upstyle that can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans or a formal gown.  This style takes me less than ten minutes to do from start to finish and you don’t need curly hair to start — it’s definitely a style you need to keep up your sleeve!

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Take a small section of hair from the front (thinner side) and drape it near the middle of your head, secure with an x of bobby pins
  2. Take another section directly below the first section, drape back and secure slightly to the left of the first section with an x of bobby pins
  3. Take a small section of hair from the other side (heavier side) and wrap it around your two fingers of the opposite hand creating a small roll.  Place the roll on top of the bobby pins and secure by inserting a bobby pin into the roll
  4. Take another small section from the front, directly beneath the first section, and roll back securing with a bobby pin right on top of the criss-cross bobby pins
  5. Continue down the hair until you’ve reached the end
  6. You should have a small tail of hair left.  Split it in two, twist the sections together and secure with a clear elastic
  7. Wrap the twist up and cover the seam we’ve created.  Tuck the ends inside the hole at the very top of your chignon and secure with bobby pins.  If your twist needs to be manipulated a little to hide the seam, go ahead and secure what you need to with a few hair pins or bobby pins.
  8. Spray with hairpsray

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Video Tutorial for the Twisted Chignon!

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Twisted Together | Day 29

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Day 29…. WHA?!  I can’t believe tomorrow is our last day in the 30|30 challenge.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had such a blast!  I am certainly ready though to take a tiny hair break- holy cow that was intense.  Remember, I’ll still be blogging and I promise to come out with a new hairstyle/beauty video at least once a week.  Promise me you’ll still visit…  Okay good.

Today’s hairstyle is one of my favorites.  I love half up, half down styles, especially ones that are this easy.  This style literally takes less than four minutes from start to finish and it works great with left over curls.  So yes, I’m a huge fan.  What do you think?  Can’t wait to see how you style it!  #thirtythirtyhair

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Gather a section of hair from the front and twist up.
  2. Lay twist across crown and secure with bobby pin
  3. Repeat on other side
  4. Tuck the ends underneath the first twist and secure with bobby pin
  5. Spray with hairspray to finish off
  6. Spray with hair

For the video tutorial click here and subscribe when ya get there.  MUAH!

Twisted Ponytail | Day 28

ponytail, cute ponytails 3 4 2013-04-12-at-14-57-18cute ponytail

For day 28 we have the prettiest bohemian twisted ponytail.  I’m absolutely in love with this hairstyle because I can chase my kids in it, cook, clean, do all that fun mom stuff, but then it transitions so well to date night.  It takes five minutes to throw up and it’s perfect for dirty unwashed hair.  Which for me is everyday.  Seriously, who has time to wash their hair these days?!  Definitely give this hairstyle a try, it’s a lot easier to do than you would think!

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Take a small triangle section hear your part and divide it in two
  2. Twist the two sections up
  3. Add a new section of hair to the top section and add a new section of hair to the bottom section
  4. Twist up
  5. Continue this process until you reach the back of your head.  Clip off with a duck bill clip
  6. Repeat on the other side
  7. When the two twists are an inch or two from meeting, gather all the hair and put in a ponytail
  8. Optional: cover elastic with an accessory

Notes:  This is a great second day style.  Or fifth day style.  I guess what I’m trying to say is this ponytail works best on dirty hair.  I like to do it a couple days after I’ve curled my hair so my ponytail looks nice, but if you have thick hair a straight ponytail will be just as gorgeous.  Spray with Kenra 25 and Redkin Wool.  Checkout my products page here.

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Video tutorial::: Come subscribe to my new YouTube Channel- I’m almost at 30K subscribers!!

Braided Halo | Day 27

5elong hairstyles 4 braided halo hair tutorial Loose curls, braids

DAY TWENTY-SEVEN!  Can you believe it?  You guys I’m actually really sad that this is almost over.  What am I going to do with myself?  It’s not going to be laundry… or cooking… I’ve had way too much fun letting Brian take care of everything these past few weeks!!  While things will slow down after the 30|30, I’ll still be blogging and I promise to upload a new hairstyle video every week!  Today’s style is a gorgeous braided halo.  I love that you can’t tell where the braid starts or stops and I love how dainty it is.  Just a subtle little braid that’s perfect for all occasions!  

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Take a two-inch section from underneath the top layer of hair in the back and a little off to the side
  2. Split the section in two
  3. Braid each section, pancake and secure with clear elastics
  4. Now fold the sections over themselves, so the right section will go over the left and wrap around to the left, and the left section will go under the right and wrap around to the right.
  5. Pin the braids in place as you go, making sure to conceal them with hair

Notes:  I started off with curly hair, to do this you can wrap 1″ sections around a 1″ wand away from your face.  Then brush through the curls and spray with Redkin Wool.



With tomorrow being Sunday, I thought I’d share with you the inspirational album I finally finished.  I just realized I never actually posted about it and I kind of wanted to re-share the story.  I grew up singing and have been belting out show tunes since I can remember.  Music and performing has always been a passion of mine.  Two years ago my dad was called to be a Mission President in Rostov, Russia.  They’ll come home next summer, I can’t even wait to see them again.  As a going away present I started recording a few of my favorite hymns, I really wanted to give them something they could listen to while they were away.  My friend introduced me to this fabulous musician, Nick Whitesides (seriously check out his music) who I hired to record my arrangement of “Where Can I Turn For Peace” on the guitar.  Anyway, I ended up singing him a couple original melodies and we ended up co-writing seven of the most beautiful songs.  It was definitely an inspired album.  I don’t consider myself to be a writer but these lyrics and melodies though just flowed out of me and I really believe in their message.

I uploaded just a few of the songs for you to listen to below and you can view or purchase the rest of the album on itunes or amazon or if you’d prefer a hard copy you can order that here.  Thanks for all the support.  I know I dabble in so many things and you guys are so patient and loving towards me.  I’m so lucky to have you girls as friends.  xoxo