10 Ways to be a Better Mom.

January 8, 2018

At the beginning of this year I spent quite a bit of time re-evaluating my priorities.  It should have been easy to do because family has always been number one, right?!  As I dug a little deeper, and looked back on the habits I’d made since we moved back to Utah, I realized that my kids had taken a back seat.  Not on purpose, obviously, and we still spent lots of time together, but I just felt like my quality time with them had dwindled.  Being awfully honestly with myself, I realized I just wasn’t making them a priority.  My little BFF starts first grade in the fall, so I have this small window of opportunity to really seize some great moments with her and get into a routine that really compliments us both. As I’ve been preparing for 2018, and setting new goals, I’ve decided to make my kids the real priority.  And that doesn’t mean I’ll be quitting all the things and spoiling them. 

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