Cold Weather

Connect vs Compete

January 25, 2017

There’s just something about big buns and comfy sweaters that I’m obsessed with.  You know the kind where the sleeves are just a little bit too long and you find yourself curling your fingers around the hem?  Or they’re so relaxed you feel so snuggly all day wearing it?  Those are my favorites.  And I’m #sorrynotsorry about these sandals… and I guess the distressed denim too… I wear them with all the things!  I linked up a few favorites below if you’re interested! So there’s a article going around titled, Are Utah and Mormon Mommy Bloggers Creating a False Sense of Reality?  You can read it here.  Blogging has changed so much for me over the years and the last few, I’ve tried so incredibly hard to stay authentic. I want other women to be inspired by what I have to say, not compelled to buy things I share or in constant comparison.  You cannot compare your real life to someone’s beautifully-curated instagram feed.  It’s apples and oranges.

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